New 20ft Shipping Containers For Sale (General Purpose / Miscellaneous Goods / Standard Shipping Containers)

New 20ft General Purpose Shipping Containers (Miscellaneous Goods / Standard Shipping)

20ft New Shipping Containers are available in a range of colours, and available Australia wide, for Fast Delivery. Buying brand new provides long term peace of mind,whilst storing your valuables. New Shipping Containers retain a high resale value and are ideal for container modifications and accessories. If your in the market for a smart looking 20′ container- Give the friendly team at Container Traders a call today on  1300 89 89 70 today!

shipping container 20 ft brand new

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New 20ft General Purpose Shipping Containers (Miscellaneous Goods / Standard Shipping)

General purpose shipping containers are functional and useful tools for making shipping and storage easier. General purpose shipping containers were originally created to help make transportation of large cargo items by land and sea easier. They were built to be heavy duty, weather resistant and tough. Today, general purpose shipping containers are used for a variety of reasons and have become one of the most versatile shipping and moving tool available for individuals and businesses. Container Traders sells high quality 20’ general purpose shipping containers that can be used in a variety of ways for a variety of reasons. Whether you need a 20’ general purpose shipping container for personal use, for business purposes or for commercial shipping and storing, you will be able to find outstanding containers at outstanding prices with Container Traders.

One of the reasons so many people and businesses utilise general purpose shipping containers for their shipping and storage is because they are extremely tough. These containers were constructed to withstand the toughest of weather, the bumpiest transportation and the longest of journeys. In short, they are built to last through anything. When you ship or store anything, you want to know it will remain safe and protected. It’s essential you have a durable solution, one that can stand strong no matter what it faces and that’s what general purpose shipping containers offer. They are capable of handling all your long-term storage or shipping needs. They are extremely convenient, easy to use and transport and can last for years, which means you can reuse them for any project, shipment or move over and over again. When you need convenience, ease and excellent quality, come to Container Traders for the best shipping containers on the market. Container Traders offers exceptional general purpose shipping containers are our 20’ container is one of our most popular items!

Quality Shipping containers

Container Traders guarantees high quality. Our general purpose containers are made with strong steel and standard double doors that open 270 degrees, making moving and rearranging your items easy! Our 20’ general purpose shipping containers come with safety features to further protect your items during storage or shipment. Storage containers keep out vermin and thieves. They can withstand the strongest of winds and rains and the worst of the humidity and any weather condition they might encounter. Your items will stay completely protected and in excellent condition when you store them in a Container Traders general purpose shipping container. You will have no concerns about if your items are safe and protected when you store and ship in a Container Traders shipping container!

Enough Space for your storage

What many individuals and businesses love about the 20’ general purpose container is that they can get the best of both worlds with it. The 20’ general purpose containers provide plenty of space for your items. You can stack boxes, fill it with machinery or use it as a temporary work space and everything will fit with room to spare. But it’s also excellent for maximising space and it’s easily portable. This way you can store or ship plenty of items and also you can keep your 20’ general purpose container close by as it will fit on your property or nearby without causing too much of a hassle. It really does offer space in every way! The convenience of the 20’ general purpose shipping container makes it one of our best selling items! You may be wondering why you would need a general purpose shipping container and the answer is for everything! General purpose really does serve every purpose. They can be used for personal effects or they can be used for industrial shipping. They can be used as a home office or they can be used for moving office supplies and documents. They can be used for shipping your items to your new home or they can be used for shipping commercial materials to customers across the country. A 20’ general purpose container is extremely versatile. They are cost effective ways to keep your items secure and to create space in your living or working area. From personal effects to industrial shipping, no matter what the need is, a 20’ general purpose container is an excellent option for shipping and storage. And because they are built to be long-lasting, you can find so many uses for your shipping container! It can act as a temporary office location before becoming home to your extra furniture and then it can be used to ship business materials to clients.

Got Excess Items your need to store?

Many individuals love to use general purpose shipping containers when they find themselves with excess items in their home or when they have to move homes, renovate their home or go abroad for several months or a year. They provide a secure and convenient way to keep store and keep track of your items. You can even use a general purpose shipping container as a storage shed to replace a workshop or garden storage space. When you just need a little extra space and need to clear out your closet or your garage or the attic and you can’t bear to part with everything, you need a useful storage solution! If you need a storage container that you can keep on your property, the 20’ container is the best option for you. It won’t overpower an area but will provide tons of space.General purpose shipping containers can also be used for businesses. Perhaps you need to ship a large quantity of product to your client or vendors on the other side of the country, you would need a cost effective shipping solution and the 20’ container is perfect for you. Or perhaps you need space to hold extra products until they can be sold and shipped, then the 20’ container is ideal for your business! Perhaps you just have an overflow of paperwork that you cannot throw away but is not needed on a regular basis, you can file them and store them in your handy shipping container! General purpose shipping containers are one of the safest way to store your businesses important work.

20ft Containers have a wide variety of uses

There is also a wide variety of uses for the 20’ general purpose containers in commercial industries or for commercial shipping. Because of their strength and durability, general purpose shipping containers are often used to store materials during a building construction or they are used as temporary office space during a job that requires being on location for a long period of time. The 20’ general purpose containers are so easy to transport and move around that many commercial companies and businesses will purchase them and use them for a wide variety of projects and jobs over the years. Your general purpose shipping container will last so you can use it over and over again as you need to do so.Container Traders offer the highest quality, newest and most technologically advanced general purpose shipping containers on the market. When you want something that is of the highest grade and with the best features, you come to Container Traders. We provide some of the most secure shipping containers in the business!  Our wide selection of new general purpose shipping containers has the latest models and the newest innovations on them. We ensure we are constantly on the cutting edge of innovation with the new shipping products that we offer to our customers. The shipping containers at Container Traders are completely portable, convenient and affordable. They fit every need you could have for a standard shipping or storage solution. You can trust the shipping experts at container traders to provide you with the best product on the market an amazing cost!

Container Traders Care

You will find quality products and one of a kind service at Container Traders. We care about our customers and we want you to have the best experience shipping and storing with us. We care about keeping your items safe, making it convenient for you to move and transport your shipping container and making the entire process smooth and easy, from beginning to end. From the moment you first begin seeing our selection of products and discussing options with our friendly sales reps to the moment your efficient delivery team brings you your shipping container, you will love how easy and stress-free Container Traders makes the process of buying a shipping container. Choose the easy way to ship and store your personal or professional items and use a Container Traders general purpose shipping container. They are tough and versatile with enough space to store everything you need and enough space outside of the shipping container so you don’t feel overwhelmed. We make shipping and storing one of the easiest processes ever with our excellent shipping containers for sale. Find your new general purpose shipping container today with Container Traders.

Dimensions and Sizing

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