20ft Side Opening Both Sides Shipping Containers – New

Open the end doors, then open both walls

The most convenient storage container manufactured to date. 20ft side opening containers allow you the convenience to open up half, or all of one or both walls. Coupled with access through the double container doors, these containers are a fork operators best friend.  Shipping containers continue to be the strongest, most durable and secure ways to store or ship your items but now they have more features that help them to be even more convenient.

Side Opening Shipping Container all doors open

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Great for Fork Access – 3 separate openings

The most convenient storage container manufactured to date.

20 ft side opening containers allow you the convenience to open up half, or all of one or both walls. Coupled with access through the double container doors, these containers are a fork operators best friend.  Shipping containers continue to be the strongest, most durable and secure ways to store or ship your items but now they have more features that help them to be even more convenient.

As the use of shipping containers have expanded to the general public, shipping container manufacturers have begun to be more innovative and creative with their containers.  One of those features is the side opening. Side opening shipping containers that allow for both sides to open make for the easy load in and allows for full access into your shipping container. Whether you are shipping or storing personal items, using an open side shipping container as a pop up shop or storing products and goods in a warehouse for your international company, you can enjoy the both sides open shipping containers from Container Traders. Our both sides open shipping containers allow you to have a convenient way to keep your items safe and still be able to access them, if you choose to. They also allow for extremely easy load in and unloading with their double side shipping container.

Shipping containers are so widely used because they are ideal for shipping and storing items in a variety of situations. Originally used by cargo ships, shipping containers are made to be so strong they can outlast the toughest of conditions, while keeping everything stored inside of it safe and secure. Businesses and individuals use shipping containers as a secure way to protect their goods, whether they need it for temporary storage, long-term storage or to ship valuable items anywhere in Australia or even the world. With the availability to have both sides doors open, it has never been easier to utilise these durable containers. Both side opening allows for easy load in and can make it convenient to store and transport extra-large parts or awkwardly sized items. With both side opening, you can load your items through the standard container doors or through the doors along the side.

Organisation at its best

The 20 ft both sides opening shipping container is very similar to the standard general purpose shipping containers, the 20’ both sides open container. The biggest differentiation is that in addition to the double doors on one side, the open sides also has a series of doors along the entire side of the container so you can easily access it from either side.  You can open these to their full width for optimum access, which allows you to easily access, sort, organise or unload your items without having to go through the entire container if you do not wish to. These shipping containers are ideal to use if you have large items to ship or store that won’t fit inside standard doors. They are also extremely useful if you know you need to access your items regularly and want to make it easy to do so. No longer do you need to determine which items should be in the back of the container and which should be near the door, with both sides opening you can access every side of the container easily and quickly! The 20’ containers are excellent sizes as they will fit plenty of goods while still being easily portable and easy to handle.

The both side open shipping containers from Container Trader are made of sold steel, have wood flooring and come with security and safety features. In addition to the standard double doors, they also have a series of doors along the entire side of the container that you are able to open and access. Like our general purpose 20’ shipping containers, the one side containers are weather-resistant, water-resistant and vermin-resistant. Your items will not be affected by water, wind, dirt, decay, animals or insects when they are store inside of a 20’ both sides open container from Container Traders. When you invest in a 20’ both side open shipping container at Container Traders, you invest in safety and ease for your shipping and storage!

Having a both sides open shipping containers makes moving, loading, unloading and reaching your items incredibly easy! With a both sides open container, you will be able to access every single part of your shipping container, even when it is packed full of items. Traditional containers require that you fill the container from back to front an therefore unload it from front to back. What goes in first comes out last and vice versa. But with a both sides open shipping container, the items do not have to be unloaded the way they were loading in. Which means if you remembered that you packed your child’s favourite toy in the back of your shipping container, you will still be able to access it without unloading everything! Or perhaps you own a small business and you use your open side shipping container to store boxes of files and documents. If you need to reach a box with files from five years ago, you can do so even if you put it into your container five years ago. You can just use the handy side doors to access the middle of your container.

Loading made safe

Both sides open containers are also ideal for loading large items, like big machinery or oversized cargos like building materials or large pieces of pipe or wood. These make them ideal for industrial shipping companies, construction work, mining or even companies that use warehouses to house extra parts or spare goods. Forklift operates can easily load or unload items into both sides open containers. They can also be stacked, which allows for you to store more items, more conveniently. With a both sides open container, it is convenient to transport, move and work with large items.

Industrial shipping companies, factory owners or anyone with a large number of products that are housed in a warehouse often use side opening high cubes to hold products or goods in a warehouse setting. This is because side opening shipping containers make it easy to load in a large number of cartons and containers into the shipping container with a forklift. You can stack the 20’ side opening high cube shipping containers on top of one another to create a large storage space where you can easily load and unload items or boxes with a forklift.

Both side open shipping containers allow for more flexibility, not only with storing your items but also with using the container in many different and creative ways. As shipping containers become more popular, there have become more ways than individuals and businesses use them to create extra space, offices, living spaces or even art. With both side open containers, you can remove one or both doors and replaced with glass to create a light creative area. Many people choose to convert side opening containers into offices, sheds, food trucks, galleries or trade show booths. They make modifying and altering the container easy for a variety of projects!

Highest Quality Manufacture

Container Traders is proud to offer the highest quality shipping containers at competitive prices. There are so many different reasons to use a shipping container these days and we sell containers that are durable, reliable, well-constructed and with the latest features. Each of our both sides open shipping containers come equipped with high quality steel, flexible features and safety locks. Shipping containers are the ideal solution for convenience and strength. With the constant creativity and innovative from the market, our shipping containers continue to become more unique and useful for individuals and businesses! Shipping containers offer you a secure and easy way to store and ship items.

Container Traders strives to provide the best quality and the best service in the shipping container industry. Our shipping and storage experts will work with you to determine the best shipping container for your needs. We will ensure you have the best shipping container for you and we’ll offer it to you at incredible prices. When you shop with Container Traders, you lose the stress of shipping and storing items. It may seem like such a hassle to have to find the right shipping container for your items but with the help of Container Traders, you will be able to easily determine your best fit and the whole process becomes incredibly convenient for you! The security and safety of your items is our top priority and we ensure that any shipping container you purchase from Container Traders is the strongest and most secure on the market! Allow our friendly team of experts to help you today. We’ll provide fast delivery and efficient set up and if you have any questions on how to modify or alter your shipping container for more creative use, we can assist you with that as well! Store and ship with a Containers Traders shipping container and you’ll see why shipping containers have become some of the most widely used items in the country! For quality, affordability and the most innovative shipping containers, come see our 20’ both sides open shipping containers today!

Dimensions and Sizing

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