20′ Bolster Shipping Containers

Bolsters are great for trucking, railing, shipping and shifting big heavy things, anywhere anytime!

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Shipping Container 20' Flat Rack bolster

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Bolster Container

A bolster container belongs to the flat rack family. A bolster has a slightly thinner base, and no end walls.

There are some oversized items that do not need to be protected from the elements and only need to be shipped somewhere safely.

Bolsters are the ideal container for these types of items. A bolster is a type of flat rack shipping containers. Flat rack shipping containers are constructed with a very strong base and have either fixed ends or foldable ends are made to ship long or awkward size items. Flat racks do not have a roof. Bolsters do not have any side or end walls. They are best for moving items that need support by can be open to the elements. Bolsters consist of a steel frame and a wooden or steel structure. The 20’ bolsters shipping containers from Container Traders are extremely sturdy and are available at affordable prices.

Built with Corten Steel

The 20’ bolster shipping container from Container Traders are made of standard Corten steel and have standard sizes that allow them to be transferred from truck to ship to train efficiently. They also have corner fittings so they can be stacked just like a traditional shipping container. While flat rack containers can not protect your items from the elements or the weather, they do keep your items safe during transportation. The flat rack containers and the bolsters handle the bumps and scratches instead of the items being shipped. The bolsters from Container Traders can be easily stored efficiently in a small space when they are not being used, making them extremely convenient.

There are some items that are so oversized or oddly shaped that they may seem almost impossible to ship. Luckily there are flat rack containers for this very reason! Flat rack containers are ideal for moving items that will not fit into a general purpose container or in an open top container. Flat rack shipping containers are excellent for transporting oversized items from one site to another via ship, truck or train. You can truly ship anything of any size in a flat rack. The only condition is that it may be effected by the elements since there is no cover or top to a flat rack. Bolsters are types of flat racks that carry some of the biggest of items. Consisting of a wooden floor and a steel frame, bolsters are extremely strong. They are able to carry the heaviest of items.

What can be shipping in a flat rack shipping containers or bolster? Almost anything that can be exposed to the elements! Flat racks and bolsters often ship things like oversized cables, metal sheets, steel coils, wood, machinery, industrial parts or construction materials. Many businesses and individuals use flat rack shipping containers or bolsters to ship vehicles, boats, yachts, water tanks, bulldozers or water tanks. Bolsters have a high loading capacity which allows heavy weight to be stacked onto a small area. They are truly some of the strongest and most sturdy shipping containers available. They are ideal for shipping the largest and bulkiest of items.

A Big, Strong, Robust, Transportable Base

Flat racks and bolster shipping containers are ready to ship your tallest, widest and most awkward and cumbersome goods. Construction companies often use flat racks to ship machinery and materials since they can often withstand weather and the elements. Many individuals who are in the process of moving abroad or across the country will use flat racks to ship their cars and trucks or even their boats and yachts. What makes flat racks and bolsters so extraordinary is that they can carry an immense of weight.

Transporting and re-positioning flat racks and bolster shipping containers is very easy because they can be stacked just like traditional shipping containers. They have standard weight bearing corners which allows them to be neatly stacked on top of one another for when they are not shipping items and makes it easier to store them, especially if you need to purchase flat rack or bolster shipping containers in bulk.

Flat racks are not regularly used for storage as other shipping containers are but there are many different ways to use them. For example, one of the innovative ways that flat racks and bolsters can be used is to create a bridge on properties and farms because they can hold a large amount of weight. If you have a farm or property that is impacted by rain and need to create a temporary bridge over a small dip in the road, creek or waterway to protect your vehicles, you can use flat racks to save money on building a permanent bridge. Flat racks can be moved into place by crane and when you no longer need the bridge, you can easily stack them or pack them away since they do not take up too much space.

Steel or Wooden Floors

Container Traders provides some of the toughest shipping containers on the market and our bolster shipping containers are no exception. Our 20’ bolster shipping containers are made of the strongest steel and you have your choice of steel or wooden flooring. Both types of bolsters can hold the heaviest weight. You know when you invest in a shipping container from Container Traders that you are getting the highest quality and strongest available on the market. The 20’ bolster shipping containers are made to be extremely durable and withstand everything from bulldozers to water tanks to yachts. You can rest assured that whatever large or oversized item you need to ship, you can do so easily and conveniently with the 20’ bolster containers from Container Traders.

When you are shipping large and oversized items, it is incredibly important you choose the right container to hold your items. The team at Container Traders will be able to help you determine which container is the best fit for you. There is a wide array of shipping containers available on the market today and it can be overwhelming to determine what is the best shipping container for you and your business. Trust the expiators at Container Traders to help you find the right shipping container. We understand the many different needs you may have and we want to help you understand all of your options and be confident in your decision. We will help you assess your shipping or storage needs. Whether you need to ship extra personal items during a cross-country move; you are shipping frozen meat to a partner store or you are shipping a yacht across Australia; you will be able to find the right shipping container for your needs. The shipping experts at Container Traders will advise you on the best option. Once you have determined which type of shipping container you would like to purchase, then our team will be able to show you all of the different options we have available. Container Trader sells a wide selection of vary sizes, specialities and height and dimensions. We have a shipping container for every single need. They are all available at amazing prices! No matter what your budget is, we will find the right shipping container for you. Once you have chosen the right shipping container for your business, our friendly and efficient delivery team will take it right to your door. Whether you need your new shipping container at your home, office or work site, we can deliver it to you! Container Traders has locations all over Australia. We are able to easily and quickly deliver your sturdy shipping container to wherever you need! At Container Traders, you receive quality products, exceptional service, fast delivery and unbeatable prices! It’s truly everything you could want in a shipping container seller!

Quality Containers

Shipping large and oversized items is a big job, literally and figuratively. It can be stressful to have figure out how you are going to get your oversized items to where they need to be, whether you are shipping a yacht or load of mining materials. That is what Container Traders is here for! We want to make the shipping and storage process as easy and stress-free for you as possible. That’s why we offer the highest quality shipping containers available on the market. Used or brand new, every single one of our shipping containers is inspected for quality and exceptionally maintained so that when it arrives at your home or your workspace, it will be in pristine condition! Container Traders offers some of the best deals on strong shipping containers. We are the leading shipping container seller in Australia and we have become known for our commitment to quality. The safety and protection of your items during shipping and storage is our number one goal. We strive to offer the strongest shipping containers in the world to our customers. When you need the toughest and most long-lasting shipping container to ship or store your items, look no further than Container Traders. Our 20’ bolster shipping containers will be able to securely carry your contents wherever they need to go! Contact one of our friendly customer service representatives and let us help you find the right shipping container for your needs today!

Dimensions and Sizing

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