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Storing class 3 hazardous material?

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Container Traders 20ft (6 meter) Dangerous Goods containers are brand new, and ready for delivery to your site tomorrow. Give the team a call on 1300 89 89 70 today.

Shipping containers are amazing innovations. They are strong, versatile and durable. Shipping containers have become widely popular and are used in a variety of ways in many different industries. They each provide security and protection and make shipping and storage easy! However, there may be a need for even more protection, if you are shipping dangerous or hazardous materials. If this is the case, you need to upgrade from a traditional general purpose shipping container. Dangerous goods shipping containers provide many of the same benefits as general purpose shipping containers do but they have extra security, safety and technology so that you are able to safely transport or store potentially hazardous goods. These shipping containers were created to carry hazardous, dangerous and toxic materials. The dangerous goods shipping containers will protect the items being transported, the team who is responsible for the transport and the general safety of the public and the environment.  When you need to ship or store potentially hazardous materials, you can do so safely with our durable and high quality dangerous goods shipping containers from Container Traders.

It is absolutely essential that you ship any hazardous or dangerous materials in the strongest and most reliable dangerous goods containers on the market. This is what Container Traders provides to the country. We have wide selection of dangerous goods containers in different sizes. Each of our dangerous goods shipping containers is made of high quality, durable steel, has incredible security features and, in general, will keep you and your team safe and secure while handling hazardous materials. We offer three different types of dangerous goods containers:10’, 20’ and 20’ open side foot. The 20’ dangerous goods containers is an ideal solution for frequent shipments of hazardous materials. They will allow you to ship and store dangerous goods quite securely.

Flammable Storage- We have you covered

The dangerous goods shipping containers  from Container Traders are ideal for shipping or storing gas cylinders, flammable liquids or flammable solids, corrosive substances and any other potentially dangerous substance. The 20’ dangerous goods shipping containers is also perfect for storing non-hazardous liquids that might be at risk of spilling. These 20’ dangerous goods shipping container from Container Traders are tough, waterproof, weatherproof and vermin-proof. They provide an extra layer of protection to ensure your items stay safe during transit and during storage. The dangerous goods shipping containers have an extra layer of technology that allows them to be extra secure and ideal for shipping dangerous substances. This way, you can be confident that your works and the general public is safe from whatever is being shipped or stored. The Australian Hazardous Goods Regulations require that dangerous goods supplied in Australia be classified, labelled, packaged, stored and transported according to particular Australian Standards. The 20’ dangerous goods container from Container Traders meet all of these regulations and are the safest way to transport dangerous items!

The 20’ dangerous goods containers from Container Traders were made to all of Australia’s regulations. They are made of strong steel, with a steel floor and have an internal safety door handle and are sure to provide the proper ventilation. These heavy duty shipping containers also have extra safety features. In these containers there is a lockable, stainless steel valve that is fitted under the rear sill so that you can ensure a safe and straightforward method of disposing of waste. The dangerous goods containers from Container Traders are in exceptional pristine condition and are incredible strong. You will enjoy the peace of mind that you are meeting every regulation for shipping hazardous materials and that everyone involved is safe and protected.

Meets all Regulations

You need that peace of mind when you are shipping dangerous or hazardous goods. It is so important to be certain you have taken every precaution and followed every rule regarding transporting hazardous goods. You cannot risk the safety or your team or a public relations crisis by not investing in high quality containers! Your team, the public, your reputation and the environment depends on you investing in a high quality shipping container that will keep everyone and everything safe! Avoid the heavy fines and litigation by trusting the experts and purchasing the highest quality shipping container on the market!  Container Traders only offers high quality shipping containers of every size and specialty. The 20’ dangerous goods shipping containers we sell have top notch security features. They are the toughest and most technologically advanced shipping containers on the market! The dangerous good shipping containers available from Container Traders were made to ship and store dangerous or hazardous materials. They meet every Australian regulation and are completely secure.

The trusted team at Container Traders are experts in the shipping business. We have a vast amount of experience in the shipping container business and that has provided us with an in-depth understanding of the industry. You may not know every regulation about about handling, transport, shipment or storage of dangerous and hazardous goods but when you shop with Container Traders, you do not have to know every regulation because we do and we will ensure you are following the letter of the law. Our expert team will help you understand exactly what your dangerous good shipping container needs to have and how to ensure your are transporting your items as safely and securely as possible. It is an extremely strenuous job to ship and store hazardous materials. It comes with a tremendous responsibility and we do not take it lightly how important this job is! That is why we are careful to be up to date on all regulations. We keep our shipping containers completely up to date, fully featured and in exceptional condition. We will be able to help you determine the best dangerous goods shipping container for your needs. We will inform you of all of the best techniques and rules for shipping and storing hazardous items. You can trust the experts from Container Traders to be able to help you handle your hazardous and dangerous goods, safely!

Don’t Risk a FINE

You need the most trust-worthy shipping container seller when you are transporting highly dangerous and hazardous materials anywhere in the country. Container Traders strives to be the trusted source for shipping containers in the country! We only sell strong, safe, secure and durable shipping containers. All of our shipping containers have the latest technology and state-of-the-art features. Your items are completely protected and safe when they are in a Container Traders shipping container! We believe in offering shipping containers that are high quality but are affordable. We offer a wide range of new and used shipping containers that meet every budget. Our helpful and genuine sales representatives will be able to work with you to help you find the best and most secure dangerous goods shipping container for your business! Our 20’ dangerous goods shipping containers will provide the highest level of protection for whatever you are shipping or storing. We are careful to follow all shipping and transport regulations and have added security and safety features for an even higher level of protection! You can be confident in your choice to shop at Container Traders for your dangerous goods shipping container. Each of our shipping containers is delivered in pristine condition. Our excellent team will be sure to share with you the best tips for caring for, using and maintaining your dangerous goods shipping container. Shopping at Container Traders brings you a sense of confidence and peace of mind that you will not find anywhere else! From our expert customer service representatives who will answer all of your question to our high quality, durable products and finally to our fast and efficient delivery, we make it stress free to ship dangerous or hazardous materials with our 20’ dangerous goods shipping container.

Container Traders sells the highest quality, most secure and safe dangerous good shipping container. Our goal is to keep you, your employees, your shipping content, the public and the environment safe and protected, no matter what you are shipping or storing! We ensure that you are completely confident in your shipping container so that you can confidently do your job of shipping and storing hazardous materials! Our 20’ dangerous goods containers have the absolutely highest protection and security available. They are fully-featured and technologically advanced and will safely and secure transport and potentially hazardous material! These are worthy investments and you cannot afford to not purchase the highest quality containers available. The safety of your team and your company is too important to risk shipping and storing items without a high quality shipping container from Container Traders. We will be with you for every step of the process as you are finding your dangerous goods shipping container. We know the importance of finding an excellent safe and secure shipping container and we are proud to offer these to you! Call your friendly customer service representative at Container Traders today to learn more about our 20’ dangerous goods shipping containers and they can help keep your business safe!

Dimensions and Sizing

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