20ft Used Side Opening Dangerous Goods Shipping Containers

shipping container 20ft dangerous goods side opening yellow

Used 20ft Side Opening Dangerous Goods Shipping Containers for Sale

For a specialised container perfectly suited to carrying hazardous materials or liquids that may be prone to spilling, a dangerous goods shipping container is the perfect solution. With the 20ft Side Opening Dangerous Goods Shipping Container, you’ll benefit from specialised dangerous goods features as well as full length bi-fold side doors, allowing for an incredibly efficient and practical storage or shipping solution. When it comes to keeping your team and the environment safe, the dangerous goods container is the perfect selection. Introducing specific features that allow for secure handling of dangerous substances, the dangerous goods containers meet Australian Standards and should be implemented to ensure safety in storage and transit. If this sounds like the container you need, get in touch with the friendly team at Container Traders today. We have stock Australia wide, strive for next day dispatch and are happy to provide more information so you can make the most informed decision when you purchase.

When to Use a 20ft Side Opening Dangerous Goods Shipping Container

Dangerous goods containers, as the name suggests, are most appropriate for the storage or shipment of materials and liquids that have been deemed hazardous. In commercial settings, safe and secure storage options may be needed for the movement of chemicals, gas cylinders, flammable substances corrosive agents, paint, oils, petrol and more. In these cases, a dangerous goods shipping container is your best bet. Sometimes, dangerous goods containers are also used for non-dangerous items. If you need to transport or store liquids prone to spilling, certain functionalities provided by the dangerous goods container can make the entire process easier and more efficient. Particularly, drainage valves fitted to the container floor mean spillages can be drained and the container can be rinsed and flushed after use, ensuring container quality remains consistent over the course of its life. If you commonly load and unload using a forklift, or need regular access to your goods, this container is perfect. With dangerous goods specifications, and full bi-fold side opening doors, access points are wide and easily accommodate forklift usage.

Build and Benefits of 20ft Side Opening Dangerous Goods Shipping Containers

First and foremost, these containers are compliant with Australian Standards of Hazardous Goods Transportation (AS1940). This means you can rest assured that not only the goods you choose to store will be safe, but the team that interacts with the container, the general public and the environment will be safe, too. 20ft dangerous goods containers also come with a range of added features, like ventilation and floor valves, that make them highly suitable for their specific purposes. The additional ventilation allowances help avoid entrapment of hazardous fumes that can be dangerous to the team responsible for unloading the container. The floor valves are great for draining spills or water, allowing the container to be rinsed after usage and prolonging its usable life. What’s more, the 20ft container size offers the most flexibility, with a huge amount of storage space, despite boasting a very manageable external footprint. The cost savings made by selecting a used container should also be highlighted. With inspections carried out prior to dispatch, the quality is like-new, but the price is significantly more affordable.