10ft Refrigerated Containers

10ft Refrigerated Shipping Containers

Whether you need to store or move wine, cheese, meat, fruit, vegetables, flowers or important documents, a refrigerated container offers the peace of mind you need. Refrigerated containers, or ‘reefers’, are fully temperature controlled containers with refrigeration capabilities making them the perfect storage solution for temperature sensitive items. Whether you need to temporarily store food for a special event, transport temperature sensitive items locally, national or internationally, or semi-permanently store wine and food at your home, the 10ft refrigerated container might be the best choice for you. More manageable than larger 20ft and 40ft options, the 10ft container takes up a significantly smaller external footprint, but still has vast amounts of internal space – making it the ideal solution for personal use, especially on size dependent residential sites. Your container can be generator-powered or connected to an electrical outlet and can be set at temperatures ranging between -20 and 20 degrees Celsius. This means you have flexibility to use the container for any number of purposes.

10ft Refrigerated Shipping Container rear end 45 degrees

10ft Refrigerated Shipping Container

We have both brand new and used 10ft reefers for sale right across Australia, and if you only need the container for a short period, we also offer 10ft refrigerated containers for hire. For as little as one month and for as long as you need, our leasing plans are completely commitment free so you never have to worry about paying for the container when you don’t need it. All of our refrigerated containers are constructed from high quality steel, fitted with 70mm of insulation, internally lined with stainless steel, include ventilation systems and are fitted with drainage plugs for easy and hygienic washout after use or spillages. They are built to withstand the harshest conditions at sea so you can rest assured your container will perform perfectly for as long as you need it.

10ft Refrigerated Shipping Container front end 45 degrees

10ft Refrigerated Shipping Container

If a refrigerated container with less spatial requirement is what you’re searching for then look no further. Our 10ft containers are available across Australia right now so get in touch with the helpful team at Container Traders today to get a price guide and learn more.