New 10ft High Cube Shipping Containers For Sale

Don’t Have adequate Space? But need to keep it Safe?

With the benefit of a 9’6 high roof. The 10′ High Cube Container is just what you require.

Available Australia wide, and delivered direct to you within a day or two.

Double lockable doors and pre-fit with a security lock protection cover.

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Shipping Container 10'HC-roof

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New High Cube 10ft Container forsale

Our 10’ High Cube shipping containers are the rock solid snack sized storage container!

With Australia’s development boom, came a boom in requirement for secure storage on small tight job sites.

High Cube shipping containers have solved the issue of storing tall things in small spots. If you have a requirement for a great container for a little area call Container Traders on 1300 89 89 70!

High Cube shipping containers were originally built to help store and ship items on cargo ships or rails and trucks. They are the effective way to protect cargo from long journeys and harsh elements. General purpose shipping containers are durable, weather resistant, safe and built too last. Today, general purpose shipping containers are used for many different reasons for both businesses and individuals. They are versatile tools that are widely used across the country. Container Traders sells high quality 10’ high cube general purpose shipping containers that allow for extra storage space but also are convenient and extremely portable. Whether you need a 10’ high cube general purpose shipping container for storing items during a move, to keep extra business supplies or to ship commercial products, you can find the highest quality shipping containers at unbeatable prices at Container Traders.

Multiple Use Container

They can be used for any number of shipping and storage needs. These heavy duty containers were built to handle the tough Australian weather conditions and long journeys. They were built to handle anything the outside world could throw at it and they do their jobs exceptionally well. It’s important that you are confident when you ship or store anything inside of a shipping container that it will remain protected from the elements. You need to find a sturdy solution to shipping and storage. General purpose shipping containers are that solution. General purpose shipping containers can solve any of your long-term storage or shipping problems quite easily. These containers are the durable and cost effect way to transport or store items. General purpose shipping containers are built for longevity and they will last you for decades. Their long-lasting nature, along with their versatility makes them worthwhile investments. Container Traders provides you with an easy and convenient way to securely store or ship your personal or professional items. The 10’ general purpose high cube shipping container from Container Traders is one of the most user friendly shipping containers that we have available!

Available Australia Wide

Container Traders is proud to be the leading seller of shipping containers in the country. We only offer the highest of quality containers to our customers. Our 10’ high cube general purpose containers are made with strong Corten steel, are equipped with thick wooden floors and have the standard double doors that open 270 degrees, which makes it easy to access your items inside of your shipping container! The high cube provides an extra foot of height in your 10’ shipping container, which contributes to even more storage space. Our 10’ general purpose shipping containers have standard safety features and locks to keep your items secure during storage or shipment. General purpose shipping containers will keep your items safe from external harm, such as weather-related incidents, damage from animals or theft. The 10’ general purpose high cubes from Container Traders are resistant to wind, rain, snow, dust and humidity. They will protect your items from rot, decay or mold while they are in transport or storage. Whether you choose to use your 10’ high cube general purpose shipping container for business or personal use, you can rest assured your items are completely safe and secure inside of it!

The 10’ general purpose shipping container are so popular with individuals and businesses because of their convenient and easy to use nature. The 10’ high cube general purpose containers will easily fit into the tightest and tiniest of spaces. When you really need to maximise space but still want extra storage, our 10’ high cube general purpose shipping container is the best option for you! These containers allow for extra storage space thanks to the extra foot of height are very easy to move around. They will easily squeeze into spaces near your home or office and thanks to the extra space, you will easily be able to store even more items inside of them. The 10’ general purpose container is truly a useful and easy to use shipping container that you can use in many different ways!

General purpose shipping containers are used in so many different ways. The possibilities are almost endless for shipping and storing with a general purpose container.  They stay true to their name and cater to many different general purposes. Individuals and families utilise general purpose shipping containers to ship or store their personal items like clothes, furniture, tools, holiday decorations or sports equipment. Many small businesses use general purpose shipping containers to hold excess product or materials, store important legal documents or to act as temporary store space or even pop-up shops. Regardless of your reasons for investing in a general purpose shipping container, you can trust that your items are truly safe and protected when they are stored inside of a shipping container from Container Traders! We offer the highest quality and most secure shipping containers in the entire country!

Limited Space? Need a Tough, Safe, Secure Container?

The 10’ high cube general purpose shipping containers are prime options for personal use among families and individuals because they are so easy to manage and move. Many individuals and families utilise the 10’ high cube general purpose shipping containers as temporary storage during moves or renovations or as a long-term storage solution and will use their shipping container as a garden shed or work shed. The 10’ general purpose containers are easy to move and can fit comfortably on private properties. You won’t need to store your shipping container in a separate location when you choose a 10’ general purpose container from Container Traders. The 10’ high cubes are durable, safe and secure. They will keep your items completely protected from the weather, any animals or any thieves. You can rest assured that your items are fully protected when they are inside of a 10’ high cube general purpose container from Container Traders.

The 10’ high cube general purpose shipping containers are ideal for small businesses as well. Their convenience and portable nature make them excellent investments for a growing business. You may have many different uses for your 10’ high cube general purpose shipping container at your small business. Perhaps you need an easy way to ship products to your different locations or you are looking for a secure place to store important business documents where you can easily access them or you want a quick pop up shop during the holidays. The 10’ high cube general purpose container can fulfil all of these shipping and storage needs and is the best choice for you. The perfect size of the 10’ high cube general purpose shipping containers allows it to easily fit on your businesses property or nearby so you can quickly access your items when you need to. The 10’ high cube general purpose shipping containers are a incredible easy ways to ship and store items for your business.

Many shipping companies or large companies will use 10’ high cube general purpose containers as well. The 10’ high cub general purpose shipping containers can act as spare storage during an off-site job or they can double as offices and meeting spaces when you have long-term projects off site. Because the 10’ high cube is so easy to shift about, they make it easy to ship materials or machinery between job sites or locations as you need to. Additionally, the long lasting containers will be able to be used for many different projects over the years.

Straight to Your Door

Container Traders are shipping and storage experts. Our incredible team of customer service representatives has a vast array of knowledge regarding the shipping and storage industry. When you shop at Container Traders, you are getting the best shipping container to fit your needs. We will be able to show you our wide selection and help assess your unique shipping and storage needs so we can find the best shipping container for you or your business. You will find a variety of new and used shipping containers at Container Traders to fit every budget. Once you have selected your shipping container, our fast and reliable delivery team will bring it right to your door. Container Trader has locations all over the country so we make it easy to get your durable shipping container.

Container Traders only offers the best in high quality shipping containers. When you combine that with our friendly and expert customer service, fast and efficient delivery and affordable and cost effective prices, it makes sense why we are the leading seller of shipping containers in the country. We make the entire process of shipping and storing easy with our high quality, versatile shipping containers! To discover the incredible usefulness of shipping containers, and find the best one to fit your needs, contact one of our our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives today!

Dimensions and Sizing

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