New 10 Foot – Dangerous Goods Shipping Containers For Sale

Container Traders stock Dangerous Goods Containers Australia wide for fast delivery to get you OHS compliant. Brand new in construction, 10′ DG containers come manufactures and delivered with 4 corner posts. Meaning you can crane them on and off trucks, or up to multiple level job sites in a safe manner. Fitted with 2 container Tyne hole pockets these little gems are able to be forked about on site with ease.

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shipping container interior

redtickBuilt to AS1940-2004
redtickFast dispatch top your site
redtickBrand New Containers
redtick100% Australian compliant
redtickEmergency Exit door
redtickOversized ventilation
redtickRemovable expanded mesh flooring

Dangerous Goods Containers

Shipping containers are some of the strongest and most durable containers available. They are used in a variety of ways and for many different reasons. They each provide security and protection. However when you need an extra layer of protection, you need to take your shipping containers a step further than the traditional general purpose shipping containers. That is where dangerous goods shipping containers become excellent solutions. Dangerous Goods shipping containers have the same benefits as standard general purpose containers, but they also have an extra level of technology to ensure the safe storage of potentially hazardous goods. These specially designed containers protect the materials that are being shipped and stored and they also protect employees and the general public. If your company needs to store dangerous or hazardous goods, you need to manage the risk and use the highest quality dangerous goods shipping container on the market, which you can find at Container Traders.

Tough & Secure

When you have to ship dangerous goods, it is absolutely essential that you are shipping them in the toughest and most secure dangerous goods containers on the market. Container Traders provides a wide variety of dangerous goods containers in different sizes. These are the securest shipping containers available. You cannot risk the safety of your team, your crew, your materials, the public or risk damage to the environment by not using a high quality shipping container. The dangerous goods shipping containers available at Container Traders are of the highest quality and will keep everyone and everything secure while in shipment or transport! The dangerous goods containers from Container Traders come in three different sizes: 10’, 20’ and 20’ open side container. For smaller cargo and less strenuous journeys, the 10’ dangerous goods shipping containers will help you ship dangerous items safely and securely.

Paint, Thinners, Diesel, Chemicals and Flammables? We have you covered

Container Traders’ dangerous goods shipping containers are the perfect solution for shipping or storing paint thinners, oils, diesel, chemicals, flammables and any other potentially dangerous substance. The 10’ dangerous goods shipping containers can also store non-hazardous liquids if there are risks of spills and slips. The 10’ dangerous goods shipping container from Container Traders are strong, weatherproof and secure. They will protect your items during transit and during storage. These dangerous goods shipping containers have an extra layer of technology associated with them so that you can rest assured your company and the general public is safe from whatever is being shipped or stored. The Australian Hazardous Goods Regulations require that dangerous goods supplied in Australia be classified, labelled, packaged, stored and transported according to particular Australian Standards and with a 10’ dangerous goods container from Container Traders, you can be confident you are following regulations.

The 10’ dangerous goods containers from Container Traders are equipped with an internal safety door handle, the proper ventilation, and a fully welded strong steel floor. We also provide extra safety features inside of our dangerous goods shipping containers including our a lockable, stainless steel valve that is fitted in the rear so that you can ensure a safe and straightforward method of disposing of waste. Excellently maintained and of the highest strength possible, the dangerous goods containers from Container Traders will provide you with peace of mind that you are meeting every regulation and keeping everyone safe while you ship or store dangerous or hazardous items.

Easy to clean up spills 

There is nothing like knowing you have invested in the best and most high quality shipping container available on the market especially when you are shipping and storing dangerous and hazardous materials. A leaking container or one that can be damaged during transit or has not been kept in excellent condition can spell disaster for your company and for the country. You cannot risk the safety for your team and employees, the safety of the general public or risk the environment by investing in a low-quality dangerous goods shipping container. Additionally, you do not want to risk having to pay fines or risking legal trouble by not following the proper protocol. Public relations disasters occur when you do not take the proper precautions. But when you shop with Container Traders, you can be completely confident that you have taken every step possible to ship your dangerous or hazardous materials safely. We are proud to offer the highest quality of shipping containers. Our dangerous goods shipping containers provide an extra layer of technology and security features. Not only are they some of the strongest shipping containers on the market, but they are also the most technologically advanced. These containers were created especially for dangerous goods and we are careful to only offer dangerous goods shipping containers that follow every Australian regulation.

Easy for Handle with dual Container Tyne Hole Pockets

At Container Traders, we are experts in the shipping business. Our many years in the shipping container business has given us an incredible amount of knowledge about the shipping and storage industry. We are well versed in the different regulations about handling, transport, shipment or storage of dangerous and hazardous goods. Our expert customer service representatives will be able to help you understand exactly what your shipping container needs to have and to secure your items safely and properly. We know how stressful it is to be shipping and storing hazardous materials and that is why we are here to help you and make the process a smooth and easy one for you! We know every single regulation relating to shipping hazardous and dangerous goods and we are careful to explain each one to you. Our expert team of shipping container experts will be able to assess your shipping and storage needs and help you determine which type of container is best for your shipment. If you do need a dangerous goods shipping container, we will help you find the proper size and we will be sure to give you the best advice and techniques for properly loading and maintaining your shipping container. No question will go unanswered and you will be extremely confident that you have taken every precaution possible for protecting your business and the country when shipping dangerous and hazardous goods.

Essential for safety Conscious

It is absolutely essential that when you ship dangerous and hazardous goods anywhere in Australia, that you have the most reliable shipping container to help you transport and store these items. Container Traders is proud to be the most trusted shipping container company in Australia. We are known for selling the highest quality and most durable shipping containers. Not only that but we offer the newest and most technologically advanced shipping containers so they will keep your items protected, secure and completely safe. When you combine that with our amazing prices and friendly customer service, you have an unbeatable combination! Rest assured in the high quality of shipping container from Container Traders. Our 10’ dangerous goods shipping container are extremely safe and secure. They follow every Australian standard, are made of the toughest and strongest of steel and have unique safety and security features that add an extra layer of protection that you cannot find anywhere else! These are truly the safest shipping containers available. You will have peace of mind with our dangerous goods shipping containers. You will have the peace of mind that your dangerous goods shipping container has been exceptionally well-maintained and completely cared for before it arrived at your business. You will have the peace of mind that your team of knowledgeable shipping and storage experts will help you understand how to properly pack your items, take care of your shipping container and follow the best tips for keeping everyone involved safety and secure! We also provide fast and efficient shipping! Container Traders has multiple locations across the country and no matter where you are located or where you need your dangerous goods shipping container delivered, you will be able to receive it quickly and efficiently, thanks to our amazing delivery team!

Container Traders makes it easier to ship dangerous and hazardous goods. We offer only the best quality, durable and well-protected shipping containers. We make sure you are completely confident in your container and are absolutely confident in your abilities to care for and use your dangerous goods container.  Whether you need to ship chemicals, flammable items, gas cylinders, toxic substances or corrosive substances, you can do so safely with the 10’ dangerous goods shipping container from Container Traders. Find the best shipping container for your company from the experts at Container Traders. These brand new, fully featured, technologically advanced and extremely secure shipping containers will last your business for many years and they will be one of your best investments if you frequently ship dangerous or hazardous goods! There is no reason to worry about how you are going to ship or store dangerous goods anymore. All you need to do is call the experts at Container Traders. From explaining the regulations to showing you how to use your new shipping container, we will be with you every step of the way! Call your friendly customer service representative at Container Traders today to find out more about our dangerous goods shipping containers!

Dimensions and Sizing

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