Dangerous Goods Shipping Containers – High Cube

Hazardous Goods Containers or the term Dangerous Goods Containers as used in the Shipping Container industry are a shipping container that has been manufactured to carry goods of a hazardous standard in Australia. These are commonly used for bringing dangerous goods into Australia, or relocation interstate and around the world with the assurance of meeting to Australian legal specifications.

Container Traders supply Hazardous Goods Class 3 Flammable Liquid containers.

The Classification of a flammable or combustible liquid item as according to Work Safe Australia standards is the Australian standard AS1940: The storage and handling of flammable liquid that’s temperature has a higher limit of ambient temperature one might expect in some of Australia’s most heated climates. Flammable liquids with a flash point of lower then 60C are also legally required to be classed as a Hazardous Goods storage requirement.


  • Class 3 Flammable Liquids Hazardous Goods Storage Containers
  • Meeting to Australian standards AS1940
  • 3m 6m & 12m Hazardous Goods Storage Containers Available Australia wide


A Hazardous Goods Shipping Containers key features are they usually available as one trip units. This means, they have had only one trip from China to the depot and are the best quality in Australia. Usually Hazardous Goods container’s will be manufactured from a High Cube Shipping Containers the reason behind this is, these units feature a steel bund across the full width and length of the container, which is raised from the floor height to allow for leakage. With this, you will lose around height in the unit, which is why using a High Cube Container allows for the extra foot in space, and means you won’t lose any height with a bund. They also include a valve tap to allow for drainage of any leaks inside.


By law, Hazardous Goods containers are required to have ventilation throughout. Container Traders P/L ensure all of our supplied Hazardous Goods containers have the required vents on the wall of the container. The vents are approximately 1200mm in length and 200mm in height. The unit will contain approximately 6 ventilation points throughout to create a sufficient air flow when your flammable liquids are secured in the unit. Dangerous Goods containers will have double container doors on the end wall, and the right hand door with feature a easy opening handle, along with an internal safety handle.

Container Traders also offer modifications on our Hazardous goods containers. One requirement we will discuss with you, is that no additional modification can cause a static spark in the unit. Should this happen, the Hazardous goods containers would no longer meet Australian standards AS 1940 of flammable liquids. All Hazardous Goods Containers are supplied to you with all AS1940 Standard signage for your onsite requirements.

Container Traders P/L supply 3m, 6m and 12m Hazardous Goods Containers Australia wide. We also pride ourselves on guaranteeing what we supply you to be suitable for your needs. To help determine your requirements exactly, we have detailed below the three different sizes of container.


Hazardous Goods 3m Containers

Also referred to a 10ft or ‘half size’ containers. These containers will be 3m in length x 2.44m in width x 2.9m (sometimes 2.6m) in height. They are available as New Build and Second hand Hazardous Goods Containers.


Hazardous Goods 6m High Cube Containers

A 6m Hazardous Goods Shipping Container or also known as 20ft Containers or ‘standard’ containers are the most popular of the Hazardous Goods Containers across industrial worksites in Australia. They are 6m in length x 2.44m in width and 2.9m in height, they allow for pallet storage through the double container doors on the end wall of the container.


Hazardous goods 6m Side Open Containers

Container Traders provide 6m Hazardous Containers with full bi-fold doors on the side wall, creating a full side wall opened making storage for pallets or larger items a lot easier to access with a forklift. This will also be a benefit for bulky or items of length to be stored in the container. A Side Opening Hazardous Goods Container is a new build shipping container, and has only had one trip from China to the depot which proves the exceptional condition the container would be in. These containers are also available in 12m units.


Hazardous Goods 12m Containers

12m High Cube Hazardous Goods Containers, also referred to as 40ft DG units in the container industry, are a unit Container Traders supply from any capital city across Australia.

These units are 12m in length x 2.44m in width x 2.9m in height. They are a great storage solution larger flammable items and provisions for pallet storage.


If you have any questions, concerns, or simply require additional information… contact our industry experienced team and they will be happy to assist you!