Used 10 Foot Shipping Containers For Sale

Used 10ft Shipping Containers for Sale

If you are looking for used 10ft hire shipping containers to lease then go here.  Or if you are look for a New 10ft Shipping Container go here.

A 10ft (or 3 m) shipping container is a great option for secure, sturdy storage when you have limited or hard to access spaces. They’re easily transportable and come in a range of colours. There are three main variations of the 10 ft container: 10 ft used General Purpose, 10ft used High Cube and 10ft used Dangerous Goods Containers.

Used 10 Ft General Purpose Shipping Container Used 10 Ft High Cube Shipping Container






They all have different uses, and the sizes vary slightly depending on factors such as whether they are new or used.

Used 10 Ft Shipping Container DimensionsExternal Length (ft. & m)External Width (ft. & m)External Height (ft. & m)
Used 10 Ft General Purpose 10 ft (3 m)8 ft (2.438 m)8.5 ft (2.592 m)
Used 10 Ft High Cube10 ft (3.10 m)8 ft (2.438 m)9.5 ft (2.896 m)

Have a look through the product pages for each container, to make sure they are the right size for your needs – and please ring the friendly team at Container Traders on 1300 89 89 70 if you have any questions, we are always here to help guide you to best container solution.