Refrigerated Containers For Hire

Container Traders P/L have a full range of refrigerated containers or “Reefers” as they affectionately known in the industry. Refrigerated containers provide a fast and highly affective mobile fridge of freezer solution for events and business’.  Reefers are designed to maintain high and low temperatures for the safe and hygienic storage of the containers content.

Reefer containers are designed to have an operating temperature of -25 to +25 degrees Celsius. Refrigerated containers are produced with 75mm polyurethane foam insulation covered with a steel external shell. The inside walls are lined with stainless. Refrigerated containers also have n aluminium T Bar floor, for hygienic wash outs, and efficient air flow during storage.

Length external 6.056m 12.192m
Length internal 5.430m 11.490m
Width external 2.438m 2.438m
Width internal 2.280m 2.280m
Height external 2.592m 2.898m
Height internal 2.348m 2.598m
Max Gross Weight 22,111kg 26120kg

Container Traders P/L have 6m and 12m refrigerated Containers available in all Australian Capital cities, as well as technician on call in all capitals for your maintenance and servicing needs

A Refrigerated Container will use 18amp when they are first powered up, and will continue to use 8amp while they run. They are a great storage option for the food industry, and any storage that needs to be kept to a specific temperature.

A Refrigerated Container has 3phase power to connect to your home or business.. However we understand that this isn’t suitable for all homes and businesses that need a reefer for their storage, which is why we can also arrange a quote for you on single phase units on request.

Hiring a Reefer:

Reefers are commonly used across the Australian commercial market for events. Container Traders know that events are held every day, which is why we offer the Refrigerated units to Hire too. Hiring a Refrigerated Container can be a more cost effective option for you should you need:

a) A fast turn-around time, delivery within a week from date of order guaranteed!

b) Short term or long term Hiring options – we will work with your budget & timeframe

c) Containers can be removed with a quick call to our team (once the event is over)

The Container are pre-tripped for 24-48 hours prior to gate out to ensure the machinery is running smoothly and the set the container to the temperature you require prior to delivery. Container Traders ensure that we have a technician available in all capital cities, should the very unlikely occur of going wrong on site.