Shipping Container for Hire Perth

Container hire from under $3.00 a day! Seems too good to be true! There must be a catch? There is no catch. Hiring a container can be less than $3.00 a day, the only additional expense is to have the container transported to and from your site. The shipping container really takes an unfair advantage over any other short term highly secure quickly delivered and robust temporary storage solution. What else is constructed in Corten steel, with a 30,000 KG capacity, can be trucked, railed and shipped?

What other product can be craned, or forked about on your site, double, triple and quadruple stacked?

Shipping Containers have revolutionised the way the world ticks, and through this global uniformity has come an aftermarket domestic product available to everyone from mum and dads, to blue chip companies, with next day delivery.


We can deliver them in various methods, and our highly skilled contract transporters can drop them exactly where you require. Are you renovating? Moving house? Seeling your house? Expanding your business? Moth balling your business? Got your kids moving home? Going on around the world trip, and want to rent your house out?

Hiring a shipping container is without a doubt the best option. And hiring the container from Container Traders is the easiest and most cost effective method of hire.

Container Hire Pricing
Hire Rates (Per Month, min. 3 months)
10ft GP Container Hire$120
20ft GP Container Hire$120
20ft High Cube Container Hire$165
40ft High Cube Container Hire$250
20ft Refrigerated General Purpose Container Hire$590*
40ft Refrigerated High Cube Container Hire$790*
All pricing excludes GST * Delivery
* Please Note: 3 Month Minimum hire on All Shipping Containers