High Cube Containers for Hire

Container Traders P/L are the industries leading supplier for all things Shipping Container. We provide a wide range of specialised and standardised Shipping Containers Australia wide, and ensure we are supplying our customers with the right product fit for your purpose.

High cube containers are the same foot print as the trusty Standard height shipping container, however have the advantage of being an additional 300mm in height for additional storage space. These units are 2900mm in height (8’9), 2400mm wide (8’) and come in 3m, 6m and 12m in length.

  • High Cube Containers available in New and Used conditions
  • Specialised Containers and standard High Cube containers available
  • Extra Height – providing you with extra space for your storage

High Cubes or HC’s as they are affectionately referred too, are fast becoming the container of choice amongst shippers and leasing companies, with some factories commencing a phase out of the standard height containers all together.

High cubes are the container of choice for Australia removals industry. Primarily, removal companies supply 6m and 12m High Cube Containers to allow for the household items like fridges, lounges, beds, wardrobes and cupboards to fit into the container for the relocation of your home or office etc.

A High Cube Container has a lot become quite a popular demand for Australian builders and architects for the design and construction of Shipping Container Homes. High Cube Containers are predominately in Australia as a brand new (one trip unit) container, and the difference of cost between buying a high cube to a general purpose container isn’t of a great amount, which is why most customers will be interested in upgrading to the extra height unit for their container home, because in a design sense, this is more cost effective.

3m HC Container 6m HC Container 12m HC Container
Length external 3.10m 6.056m 12.192m
Length internal 2.98m 5.902m 12.036m
Width external 2.438m 2.438m 2.438m
Width internal 2.352m 2.352m 2.352m
Height external 2.896m 2.896m 2.896m
Height internal 2.698 2.698m 2.698m
Max Gross Weight Non Pay Load 30,480kg 3kg

Container Traders pride ourselves on supplying our customers with every type of shipping container in the industry, and high cubes don’t just come in a standard 6m or 12m container. Below, we have described the additional high cube types of units we supply to give you the opportunity to make the best informed decision about your upcoming purchase as you can.

High Cube New Build Containers

New Build Containers or also known as one way trippers, new, near new containers are a shipping container that has had only one trip from China to the port or depot for use. They are corton steel, with brand new 30mm marine ply timber flooring and have one set of double container doors in the end wall. These are available in 3m (10ft), 6m (20ft) and 12m (40ft) in size. Most new build containers will include a free security lockbox on the double doors for additional security purposes for our clients. They are the best quality of Shipping Container you can buy in Australia. However, the industry has supplied 12m (40ft) High Cube Containers in Australia for many years, which means that buying a second hand (or pre owned) 12m High Cube isn’t too difficult, as these are always carried in stock in both A Grade, Cargo Worthy and As is condition.

High Cube Double Door Containers

These units are primarily new build shipping containers also. However they will have been manufactured in China to have double opening doors on both ends of the container which allows extra access and is a beneficial storage option should you be looking to really fill up the unit with your goods. The container doors will have two locking bars, and are opened using the right hand door first. A new build unit will have lockboxes on both doors for additional security and the same features of a standard new build container, with marine ply flooring and exceptional condition. They are available in 6m (20ft) and 12m (40ft) in size.

High Cube Side Opening Containers

A Side Opening Container or open side unit as referred to in the industry is a type of shipping container which has been manufactured to have a full bi-fold door on the side wall of the container. It is the full length of the container which allows for the easy and simple access of a forklift.. which proves extremely beneficial for onsite storage in the mining, construction and commercial industries. Usually the door will be manufactured in China to be located on the right hand side wall. A Side Opening Container will also have double container doors on the end wall the container for access via the rear of the unit also.

These units are a perfect option for larger parts or materials which need to be removed with a forklift. A Side Opening High Cube container is a new build, one trip product which primarily is available in 6m in size, however recently, has become quite popular in Australia to be also in 12m in size.

Container Traders have a huge range of products, and more units available as a High Cube Shipping Container. We pride ourselves on having 5 star customer service… and want to help you find the right container for your storage needs. Call our experienced container team and let us help you find the right container!