General Purpose Containers For Hire

Container Traders P/L are your local one stop shop to Buying or Hiring a General Purpose (or GP as known in the industry) Shipping container for your storage needs. A GP shipping container is Australia’s primary choice for domestic storage as they are durable, built to last a lifetime and economical. They are 100% reusable and a cost effective option for your storage requirements!

  • New & Used Shipping Containers available for purchase or hire
  • Strong, Durable and life lasting storage units
  • Easy & fast delivery turn-around times

Shipping Containers are constructed from corton steel, with 30mm marine ply timber flooring. They have an empty weight starting from 2500kg, and have a capacity to carry over 30,000kg of materials. They are built to last, easy to move and have an ability to modify to suit any of your requirements.

A Standard Shipping Containers is manufactured in three different sizes, and are often available to buy in various conditions. Container Traders feel it is important for you as our client to understand what quality and different type of condition variations in the industry of Shipping Containers are fit for your purpose, and at a market competitive price.

General Purpose Shipping Containers are available in 3m, 6m and 12m Shipping Containers.

All of these units have an identical width and height, the only variance is their length.

3m GP Container 6m GP Container 12m GP Container
Length external 3.10m 6.056m 12.192m
Length internal 2.98m 5.902m 12.036m
Width external 2.438m 2.438m 2.438m
Width internal 2.352m 2.352m 2.352m
Height external 2.592m 2.592m 2.592m
Height internal 2.348m 2.348m 2.348m
Max Gross Weight Non Pay Load 30,480kg 32,500kg

When buying containers from retail Shipping Container resellers there are varying industry terms for similar containers and conditions. To simplify the wholesale buying process and create a transparent transaction, Container Traders Wholesale have detailed the conditions below for your better understanding of quality.

One Trip Containers 

(New Builds, Single Trip Containers, One way trippers, Like New Containers)

One trip containers are factory-made primarily in Asia, prior to being utilised by shippers to relocate cargo from Asia to Australia.  After the container reaches Australia, the shipper takes the container to a warehouse to empty the containers contents, prior to being trucked to what is known as an empty container yard. This is where the containers are surveyed and made available for resale. One Trip Containers are the best quality container available for purchase in Australia. This is due to spending minimal time being forklifted around shipping ports, container terminals, on and off ships and trucks, as well as being exposed to the high seas, and salt water sea spray. Due to One Trip Containers having not been handled as often they will have minor dents, scratches, cargo marks and surface rust. Although these containers are referred to in the industry as ‘new’, One Trip Containers have made one trip across the ocean and have been handled by forklifts and road transport, so quite often have a few scratches and a possible ding or two. Container Trader Wholesale have One trip containers available from most of Australia’s capital cities, and occasionally some of Australia’s larger regional locations. We strongly recommend you consider this option if you don’t want the hassle of maintenance, or the aesthetics of a Cargo Worthy or As is container.

Cargo Worthy Containers

(A Grade, B Grade, standard grade, furniture grade containers, food grade containers.) 

Cargo worthy containers are second hand, or used containers that have been surveyed and certified to be structurally suitable for rail and ocean freight of cargo. To be graded as cargo worthy, the container is surveyed or certified by a licensed surveyor, this process is known in the industry as being *IICL certified. Whether or not you intend to ship or rail your container, a surveyed container will ensure that your container is structurally sound. Cargo worthy inspection criteria is based on condition of the doors, floor, walls and ceiling. Structural integrity is also a major factor when it comes to certification of shipping containers.

Cargo Worthy containers all have imperfections, some worse than others. The aesthetic appearance of cargo worthy container will vary, you will never find two cargo worthy containers in the same condition, with the same blemishes, dings, scratches and cargo marks.

Although Cargo worthy containers are still suitable and certified for their intended purpose, they will present in much better condition than As Is container. However they are second hand units generally 8-12 years old, and won’t be suitable in high exposure locations.

*IICL is short for Institute of International Container Lessors.  IICL is a globally governed and recognised industry body with uniform standards for container grading and repairs universally.


AS IS Containers

AS IS Containers are the cheapest type of the second hand shipping container range. The term AS IS relates to the container being surveyed for repair, as the shipping line or leasing company decide the unit is valued to be a decommissioned container (Retire the container from working life).

As is containers are generally 10 years+ and not cosmetically appealing, nor suitable for hi exposure locations. AS IS containers are often decommissioned due to structural flaws in the container integrity. These units are still wind, and water tight containers. As is containers are a popular choice for consumers seeking an economical storage solution for their personal belongings, or the punter whom has the skill base and time to repair and possible paint the container themselves.

Container Traders wholesale have AS IS storage container’s available for sale in every capital city in Australia and some larger regional locations.

These containers are used and retired containers, they will have surface rust in varying conditions where the factory paint has been rubbed, scuffed or scratched, and will often come with delaminating and stained flooring in sections, as well as shipping line and empty container yard labelling and decaling.