Used 40ft Refrigerated Shipping Containers For Hire

Container Traders have 40ft Refrigerated Containers for Hire from all of Australia’s capital cities, and deliver to any metro or regional area, using multiple transport methods. The 40ft Refrigerated Container is the biggest intermodal freezer on the market. We guarantee the Quality of the machinery we hire out, so you can have peace of mind storing your valuable goods.
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40ft Refrigerated Containers for Hire

Need a bigger chiller or freezer? Sometimes called ‘reefers’, refrigerated shipping containers have revolutionised the food service and event planning industry. With refrigerated shipping containers it is very easy and safe to ship or store items that must be kept cold such as meats, cheeses and other foods and content that must be kept cold with a refrigerated shipping container. These 40ft high cube containers are ideal for the bulk storage of frozen goods as well as produce and even flowers.

Container Hire Pricing
Hire Rates (Per Month, min. 3 months)
10ft GP Container Hire$120
20ft GP Container Hire$120
20ft High Cube Container Hire$165
40ft High Cube Container Hire$250
20ft Refrigerated General Purpose Container Hire$590*
40ft Refrigerated High Cube Container Hire$790*
All pricing excludes GST * Delivery
* Please Note: 3 Month Minimum hire on All Shipping Containers

Not only for shipping anymore

Refrigerated containers are often called reefers. They were originally developed to ship temperature regulated items across long distances on cargo ships or by rail. With recent innovations, reefers are more widely used over than ever before. Many food stores and restaurants make use of refrigerated containers to ship their products. 40’ general purpose refrigerated containers are often used by small businesses, such as cafes or restaurants, during certain times of the year or peak seasons. They are also becoming increasingly popular in the event industry. Refrigerated shipping containers are the practical way to transport meats, cheeses, dairy, seafood, fruits, flowers, many vegetables and other foods.

Store anything in a Refrigerated Container

You can easily keep things at a temperature controlled environment when you hiring a 40’ refrigerated container from Container Traders. When you hire a refrigerated container from Container Traders, are team takes care of all handling, maintenance and shipping of your shipping container. All you are required to do is use it for your unique needs and then when the job is complete, we come to remove the container from your premises. You will not be in charging of picking up, maintaining, cleaning or returning your refrigerated shipping container! The 40 refrigerated containers for hire from Container Traders are high quality shipping containers that come with the latest technology and features. We keep our 40’ refrigerated containers in pristine condition and they are ready to keep your items temperature controlled. You will be able to enjoy precise temperature control with your refrigerated container so you do not have to be concerned about your items going bad or spoiling when they are shipped or store in the 40’ refrigerated shipping container from Container Traders! Refrigerated containers stay cold by hooking up to a power source or generator on the truck or ship. The 40’ general purpose refrigerated containers can safely stack on top of another to maximise space, in case you need to hire more than one container. Container Traders can offer you refrigerated shipping containers in bulk! Container Traders 40’ refrigerated containers are made of strong Corten steel on the outside and stainless steel floors on the inside. They have the standard three phase power and the temperature ranges from -25 degrees to 20 degrees. The 40’ refrigerated containers from Containers Traders will keep your items cold and safe during shipment or storage inside these heavy duty 40’ refrigerated containers!

Delivered like your conventional Container, Only keeps your goods as Frozen or Chilled

Most people who need 40’ general purpose refrigerated containers only need them temporarily with a few exceptions. For example, speciality food stores, grocery story and restaurants often need a 40’ refrigerated shipping containers during high season or busy times of year, like around the holidays. When businesses have extra demand, they need to keep extra supplies on hand so they can continue to increase profits. The 40’ general purpose shipping containers are ideal ways to keep extra supplies cold for a short amount of time. When the busy season is over, you can have Container Traders pick up your shipping container and you do not need to worry about maintaining one or having one until it is busy season once again! This helps businesses save money from having to construct permanent cold storage on their property and it saves them energy costs during low seasons so they will not have their refrigerated shipping container with them.

40’ general purpose refrigerated containers are becoming more popular in the event industry. If you are hosting a beach wedding or any type of outdoor festival or fundraiser, you may want a safe way to keep items cold before you serve or heat them to guarantee freshness. Refrigerated containers will solve this problem! If you are not regularly holding events outdoors and this a once a year event or a once-in-a-lifetime event, it is unnecessary for you to purchase a refrigerated shipping container. Instead, hire a refrigerated shipping container from Container Traders. This is an affordable way to ensure that your items will remain fresh and cool but you are not wasting money on an item you will not use very often. With Container Traders, we will help you to set up, maintain and return your refrigerated shipping container so you can focus on executing your event flawlessly.

Great for Festivals and Events

Refrigerated shipping containers are also often used on construction sites, mining sites or other job sites, such as film sites or at festivals. Any temporary event where you may need cold or temperature controlled food is ideal for a 40’ refrigerated shipping container! You can use a refrigerated shipping container to keep food and vegetation cold during a job or by keeping anything temperature controlled cool while you are working long hours in the field. When you hire a 40 refrigerated shipping container, you can easily have the team at Container Traders pick up your container and remove it from the job site so you can carry on with work. It is the perfect shipping container when you have a temporary job that requires refrigeration.

It is so important that your refrigerated shipping container act to the best of its abilities when you are shipping food, plants or anything that could be spoiled and could cause harm or damage to a project, guests or team members. But you can rest assured when you use a refrigerated shipping container from Container Traders that they are in perfect maintenance. We take exceptional care of our refrigerated containers and maintain them while you are using them. We know the best practices for caring for a refrigerated shipping container properly and are careful to follow all the proper protocol and procedures so that your refrigerated shipping containers acts to the best of its abilities.

Expert Customer Service

Container Traders are the experts in the shipping and storage business. Our expert customer service reps will be able to help you assess your shipping needs to be able to determine if you in fact need to purchase a shipping container for permanent use or if you are able to hire one to meet your shipping and storage needs. We have an array of shipping containers offered at many different prices points so we have one that will fit your budget! The refrigerated shipping containers available for hire come from leading brands and they have state of the art features, security and temperature control technology. You will be able to conveniently keep your items cold when you need to with a temporary shipping container from Container Traders. Our team is here to deliver, maintain and remove your refrigerated shipping container as necessary so that the only thing you need to focus on is keeping your business running smoothly or executing your event or project.

You cannot risk missing opportunities during peak seasons or special events by not having a temperature controlled refrigerated container and if you need one within budget, Container Traders can provide it to you! You will be able to use the strongest and most reliable refrigerated shipping containers available on the market but you will not have to worry about wasting money on an item you will only use a few times. Hiring a refrigerated shipping container from Container Traders is really the most convenient way to ship and store cold items while on a budget. We handle all of the heavy lifting and all you have to focus on is your products and your business!

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At Container Traders, we make it easy and affordable to use high quality shipping containers for temporary needs. We provide the strongest and most durable shipping containers to you at competitive prices.  We are proud to offer the absolute best shipping containers in the business at unbeatable prices and with our signature exemplary customer service! Whether you are planning a beach wedding, expecting a rush for the holidays at your restaurant or just need to ship items to a vendor, you will be able to do so easily when you hire our 40’ refrigerated shipping containers!