Used 40 Foot – High Cube Shipping Containers For Hire

40′ High Cube Shipping Containers

Container Traders have containers in all shapes and sizes for hire. But none bigger or taller than this one.

The 40′ High Cube can fit just about anything you require, and is as easy to deliver as the standard height container. We’ve definitely got a plan that’s perfect for your requirements.

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40′ High Cube Container Hire

Looking for something bigger and taller? 40’ High cube shipping containers are the ultimate storage shed with their added length and height they are ideal for bulk materials. These spacious containers will protect your items and allow you to easily store or ship anything you need with the large amount of space and an extra foot of height. Once you are finished with your 40’ high cube shipping containers, we will remove it for you!

Container Hire Pricing
Hire Rates (Per Month, min. 3 months)
10ft GP Container Hire$120
20ft GP Container Hire$120
20ft High Cube Container Hire$165
40ft High Cube Container Hire$250
20ft Refrigerated General Purpose Container Hire$590*
40ft Refrigerated High Cube Container Hire$790*
All pricing excludes GST * Delivery
* Please Note: 3 Month Minimum hire on All Shipping Containers

40′ High Cube- The big Daddy of Hire Containers

Container Traders provides exceptionally well maintained shipping containers for hire. These containers are just as high quality and containers that you would purchase. However, with a shipping container hire from Container Traders, you do not have to detail with any of the details of your shipping container. The experts at Container Traders are the one who handle all of the heavy lifting.  We deliver, maintain, handle and remove your shipping container. The high quality 40’ high cube shipping containers from Container Trader make for ideal temporary storage and shipping solutions because they can hold enormous amounts of items inside of them with the extra foot of height available. You are able to enjoy the extra storage space while we handle the extra maintenance. Hiring a shipping containers is ideal for busy individuals who do not have the time to maintain or care for their shipping container.  Container Traders offers the highest quality shipping containers available for hire The 40’ high cube shipping containers make for great storage and shipping solutions for a limited time.

Quality Equipment

You will find high quality shipping container of every size, speciality and type when you shop at Container Traders. Like our traditional shipping containers, our 40’ high cube shipping containers are constructed of quality Corten steel and have thick plywood floors. The large containers have the standard double doors that open 270 degrees for easy access. Our 40’ high purpose shipping containers have state of the art safety features which provide an extra layer of protection and security for your items while they are in transport or storage. The high cube provides an extra 344 square cubic feet of shipping and storage space. These sturdy high cube shipping containers will be able to withstand tough weather including extreme humidity, rain, wind and dust. The 40’ high cube shipping containers protects the contents of your shipping container and they stay completely secure and in exceptional condition. The 40’ high cube containers provides you with even more storage space, extra security features the extra convenience of having the team at Container Traders handle your shipping container for you. The experts at Container Traders take care of all of the details of handling and maintaining your 40’ high cube shipping container. We will deliver, maintain and remove your shipping container as needed! When you hire a shipping container from Container Traders, all you will need to be concerned with is loading in and unloading your items while we cover the rest!


40’ high cube shipping containers are some of the most spacious shipping containers available today. These are enormous containers that are used to store or ship a variety of items in many different industries. The 40’ high cube shipping containers are ideal for storing or shipping personal items, business products, shipping heavy and large items, like construction tools or mining materials or for storing items during a long-term renovation or move. The 40’ high cube shipping containers are the ideal choices for using a shipping container as a temporary office or living space. These sturdy containers are so versatile and hiring them makes them extremely convenient too! When you are finished with your shipping container, we will remove it quickly. So you get all of the space and all of the convenience, making these one our most popular products! Many individuals choose to hire a 40’ high cube shipping containers when they are undergoing long-term renovations at their home, are being relocated abroad or must move immediately because of a job or personal situations. The 40’ high cube can be used for shipping the majority or your items or for long-term storage needs. The 40’ high cubes can save you money and cut costs on finding storage. After you have returned to your living space or are comfortably settled into your new home with your items from your 40’ high cube, the fast team at Container Traders will remove your shipping container right away. Hiring a 40’ high cube shipping container makes moving, shipping and storage stress-free! Many businesses use 40’ high cube containers as well. For example, many business owners choose to use 40’ high cubes as temporary office spaces, pop-up shops or promotional booths for trade shows and special events. If you are undergoing a renovation or moving offices during an expansion, we recommend using the 40’ high cube shipping container as your temporary office or as temporary storage for your business materials. Your work will not be impacted by the change in offices and when your new office is move-in ready, you will be able to easily move into your new accommodations while the Container Traders removal team removes your shipping containers. Even if you just need to ship one large shipment of products, materials or personal items, you can use the 40’ high cube shipping container for one or two shipments. No matter what you need a 40’ high cube shipping container, you will be able to find a high quality container for hire at Container Traders.

Extra Foot is Handier than you thing

General purpose shipping containers are so useful and handy for personal and professional reason. They are able to store and ship a wide variety of different items in many different situations. Hiring a 40’ high cube is an excellent way to temporarily keep your items protected, to store items for limited time or to ship items one way. Every single one of our 40’ high cube shipping containers are expertly maintained and high quality. They are all fully-featured and we are careful to maintain them so they are in pristine condition throughout your usage! When you hire a 40’ high cube shipping container, you are able to cut down on costs as they are extremely competitively priced! Plus, they just make it easy to ship and store things temporarily and then once you are done, they are quickly taken away!

Truck – Rail – Crane – Ship – Forklift

Container Traders strives to make it easy to ship and store items. Moving, long-term renovations, long-term travel or shipping large quantities can be extremely stressful and overwhelming situations and we want to make the process of shipping and string items smoother for you. You can trust our expert shipping team to provide you with the best shipping container for your needs and expertly maintain it while it is in your use! Hiring a shipping container from Container Traders is excellent ideal if you have budget restrictions. They are cost effective solutions for temporary or short-term storage and shipments.

Container Trader is the leading source of shipping containers because we are trusted for our quality products and our excellent customer service. We are the convenient and affordable way to ship and store items for both personal or professional reasons! All of our shipping containers will keep you items completely protected while they are in transport or storage. They are built to lost and provided at amazing prices! It is so easy to safely ship and store your items with Container Traders!

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When you are facing a temporary move, are undergoing renovations or need to ship one shipment across the country, turn to Container Traders to hire an excellent 40’ high cube shipping container! They will hold everything you need and will allow extra convenience because you will not have to deal with any of the shipping, removal or maintenance! Contact our trusted customer service representatives today to learn more!