Used 40 Foot Shipping Containers – General Purpose For Hire

The 40′ General Purpose Hire Box!

Known as the work horse in the industry, if you have sufficient room on site, the 40′ Hire Container is winner!

Not double the price, but double the storage! Delivery can be arrange same day in some locations, and all of Container Traders equipment is

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Do you need a bigger container?

Love the idea of hiring a container to free up your cash flow?

40’ general purpose shipping containers are useful for people requiring a container for larger items such as building materials and large amounts of furniture. Whether it is business or personal, we know that not everyone may need a shipping container forever. Container Traders has late model equipment with lock protection available for hire with same day delivery available in capital cities across Australia.

This is why Container Traders offers general purpose shipping container for hire for temporary shipping and storage needs.  General purpose shipping containers can last a lifetime but the typical person does not need a shipping container for their lifetime.

Container Hire Price Guide, and Dimensions Information

Container Hire Pricing
Hire Rates (Per Month, min. 3 months)
10ft GP Container Hire$120
20ft GP Container Hire$120
20ft High Cube Container Hire$165
40ft High Cube Container Hire$250
20ft Refrigerated General Purpose Container Hire$590*
40ft Refrigerated High Cube Container Hire$790*
All pricing excludes GST * Delivery
* Please Note: 3 Month Minimum hire on All Shipping Containers

The containers that are available for hire from Container Traders are exceptionally well maintained and just as high quality and containers that you would purchase. But the biggest difference is that when you hire a shipping container from Container Traders, we are the one who handle all of the heavy lifting.  We deliver, maintain, handle and remove your shipping container while you will enjoy the ease of storing your items without worrying about the details. The quality 40’ general purpose shipping containers from Container Trader make ideal temporary storage and shipping options because they can an enormous amount of items inside of them. While you can enjoy the space, you do not have to be concerned with maintenance, making them ideal for busy individuals who just need a secure place to store their items without the hassle. All of our containers for hire are the highest quality shipping containers available on the market. The 40’ general purpose shipping containers are excellent solutions for temporary shipping and storage needs. These workhorses will protect your items while you need them too and once the job is finished, the team at Container Traders will quickly remove your shipping container.

Hire Specialist

Container Trader specialises in high quality shipping container of every size, speciality and type. Our 40’ general purpose shipping containers are made with quality Corten steel, have thick plywood floors and also have the standard double doors that open 270 degrees so you can easily access your items. Our 40’ general purpose shipping containers have the newest safety features providing an extra layer of protection and security for your items.The 40’ general purpose containers for hire  are built to handle the toughest of weather conditions including, heavy storms, rain, wind hail and the worst of the humidity and heat. No matter what is happening outside of your shipping container, the contents of it will stay completely secure and in exceptional condition inside of your Container Traders 40’ general purpose shipping container. The 40’ general purpose containers gives you even more space, an enormous amount of security and added convenience of having the team at Container Traders maintain your container for your.  When you choose to hire a 40’ general purpose shipping container, we handle all of the details of managing your shipping container, including the delivery, the removal or maintenance of the container. The only thing you need to concern yourself with is protecting your items. It is so easy temporarily ship and store goods with Container Traders.

The Workhorse

40’ general shipping containers are workhorses of the shipping industry. They can be used to store or ship so many different items in many different industries. The 40’ general purpose containers are perfect for storing or shipping business products, shipping heavy and large items, like machinery or vehicles or for storing items during a long-term renovation or move. The 40’ general purpose shipping containers are also excellent options should you want to use a shipping container as a temporary office or living space. There are so many ways to use these handy containers and best of all, when you are finished with your shipping container, we will remove it quickly, making it convenient for individuals on the go! Many individuals choose to use 40’ general purpose shipping containers when they are being relocated abroad or must move immediately because of a job or personal situations and need to ship the majority of their items to them. The 40’ shipping container is perfect for those types of uses! They are the cost effective solution to shipping and storing your goods. Once  you have come home or are settled into your new home, you will be able to move your items from your 40’ general purpose container and into your full-time living space. Afterwards, Container Traders will remove your shipping container right away. Hiring a 40’ general purpose shipping container makes moving, shipping and storage very easy. 40’ general purpose containers are also frequently used for business reasons. If you are undergoing a renovation or moving offices during an expansion, can use a 40’ general purpose shipping container as your temporary office or as temporary storage. These containers provide plenty of space so your work will not be impacted by the change in offices. Once your new office is move-in ready, you will be able to easily move into your new accommodations while the Container Traders removal team removes your shipping containers. Perhaps you just need to ship once large shipment across the country and want to use a 40’ general purpose container fro one shipment. We are able to provide you with a high quality shipping container for this very purpose and once the shipment, we pick up the shipping container, no matter where it is.

Peace of Mind

General purpose shipping containers are used to store many different items in many different situations. These containers are very versatile and handy for personal and professional reasons. Hiring a 40’ general purpose is an ideal solution to temporarily keep your items secure, to use as temporary storage or to ship items one way. No matter the reason you chose to hire a 40’ general purpose container, you can rest assured the containers provided by Container Traders are of the highest quality and are the most secure available. When you do not need a shipping container for longer than few months or a few years, hiring a shipping container is the best option for you. It will help you save on expenses and it saves the stress of figuring out what to do with your container once you have finished used it.

Container Traders strives to make it easy to ship and store items. We know that moving, long-term renovations, long-term travel or shipping large quantities is stressful and we do everything we can to make this process stress-free for you. Our expert shipping team will be able to best advise you on the type of shipping container you may need. We provide a wide selection that can fit every budget so no matter what you are looking for, you will find it Container Traders. Hiring a shipping container is the best solution if you are on a budget. This way you can get the same high quality and durability from a shipping container that you would if you have purchased one but, you will be able to get it at a fraction of the cost of a brand new one. This almost makes it much easier on you as you will not have to worry about maintenance, delivery or removal of your shipping container.

Storage Galore

The 40’ general purpose shipping containers for hire from Container Traders are the strongest and most durable containers available. They will help to solve your biggest temporary storage needs. We are careful to maintain all of our shipping container in excellent condition and while you are in possession of the container, we will continue with regular maintenance of your container. It is truly an easy process to hire a container from Container Traders! No matter what your shipping or storage needs are, we want to assist you! The security and safety of your items is our number one concern. We pride ourselves on only offering the most durable and resilient shipping containers on the market. It has never been easier to safely an securely ship or store your items, whether it is professional or personal use!

At Container Traders, you will enjoy cost effective shipping and storage solutions. We have something for every budget from new or second hand containers or for purchase or hire. To begin finding the best shipping container for your temporary  shipping and storing needs, contact Container Traders to discover how you can hire one of our strong and reliable shipping containers to protect your items today.