20ft Refrigerated High Cube Shipping Containers for Hire

Container Traders have 20ft High Cube Refrigerated Containers for Hire across all of Australia’s capital cities, and deliver to any metro or regional area, using multiple transport methods. The 20ft Refrigerated Container is the biggest intermodal freezer on the market. We guarantee the Quality of the containers we hire out, so you can have peace of mind when storing or transporting your valuable goods.
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Outside of a 20 foot Refrigerated Container

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20ft Refrigerated High Cube Shipping Containers for Hire

Sometimes called ‘reefers’, refrigerated shipping containers have revolutionised the food service and event planning industry. With refrigerated shipping containers it’s easy and safe to ship or store items that must be kept cold. If you need to store or transport meats, cheeses, flowers, fruits, vegetables – or anything that needs to be kept cold – a refrigerated container is perfect. The 20ft high cube variation are ideal for bulk storage or shipment, with enhanced storage capacity and a manageable external footprint. Our containers are available for hire right accross Australia for impressive monthly fees. Get in touch with our friendly team to arrange 20ft High Cube Refrigerated Container Hire today.

Container Hire Pricing
Hire Rates (Per Month, min. 3 months)
10ft GP Container Hire$120
20ft GP Container Hire$120
20ft High Cube Container Hire$165
40ft High Cube Container Hire$250
20ft Refrigerated General Purpose Container Hire$590*
40ft Refrigerated High Cube Container Hire$790*
All pricing excludes GST * Delivery
* Please Note: 3 Month Minimum hire on All Shipping Containers

What can you store in a 20ft Refrigerated High Cube Container

Any item that needs active temperature management is perfectly suited for storage in a refrigerated shipping container. The 20ft high cube refrigerated container has capacity for a huge amount of goods, with an extra foot of ceiling height providing valuable storage space. If the 20ft container is still too small, perhaps a 40ft container would be more appropriate. Our refrigerated containers eliminate the need to construct permanent cool room structures that can be costly and impractical when events are over, or when busy seasons end and they are left unused. Simply power down your refrigerated container and save on energy and construction costs, it’s easy. They’re also able to transport temperature sensitive items across road, rail or sea, with generators that keep your goods cold for as long as you need. Whether it’s meats, cheese, dairy, flowers, fruits or vegetables – wherever you need to transport cold items, a 20ft refrigerated high cube shipping container can get the job done.

Expert Customer Service

Container Traders are the experts in the shipping and storage business. Our expert customer service reps will be able to help you assess your shipping needs to be able to determine if you in fact need to purchase a shipping container for permanent use or if you are able to hire one to meet your shipping and storage needs. We have an array of shipping containers offered at many different prices points so we have one that will fit your budget! The 20ft high cube refrigerated shipping containers available for hire come from leading brands and they have state of the art features, security provisions and temperature control technology. You will be able to conveniently keep your items cold when you need to with a temporary shipping container from Container Traders. Get in touch with the friendly team to get more information today!