20 Ft Shipping Containers – General Purpose For Hire

20′ ft (Foot) Shipping Containers For Hire

Container Traders have stock Australia wide, and a large range of trucks ready Fast delivery arranged. 

Whether its a short project, or your’re planning to trip around the world for a few years, Container Traders would love to be of assistance.

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Shipping Container Hire – 20′ Shipping Container

Are you considering the flexibility of Container Hire?

Hiring a container is a great option if you don’t wish to tie up your capital, or you’re not sure the time frame you will require a container for.

Container Traders have flexible hire options allowing you the ability to hire for as long as required.

Shipping containers are useful for any type of purpose, whether it is business or personal, we know that not everyone may need a shipping container for long periods of time. Container Traders has late model equipment with lock protection available for hire with same day delivery available in capital cities across Australia.

Shipping Container Hire Pricing & Dimensions

Container Hire Pricing
Hire Rates (Per Month, min. 3 months)
10ft GP Container Hire$120
20ft GP Container Hire$120
20ft High Cube Container Hire$165
40ft High Cube Container Hire$250
20ft Refrigerated General Purpose Container Hire$590*
40ft Refrigerated High Cube Container Hire$790*
All pricing excludes GST * Delivery
* Please Note: 3 Month Minimum hire on All Shipping Containers

The hire containers available from Container Traders are kept in the best of condition and function as brand new containers that you own. But you’ll get extra convenience and the added ease of not being in charge of maintaining or handling your shipping containers for life. The shipping containers from Container Traders are the highest quality available and will make for excellent temporary storage and shipping solutions. You don’t have to worry about a single then when you hire one of our 20’ general purpose shipping container from Container Traders. We handle delivery, removal and maintenance. And you will be receiving the high quality container you have come to expect and trust Container Traders for. The 20’ general purpose shipping containers are excellent solutions for temporary shipping and storage needs and as they are available for hire, they’ll take care of your items, while you need it and then you won’t have to worry about your shipping container once the job is done! Container Traders handles the rest!

Late Model Equipment

Container Traders guarantees high quality whether you chose to purchase or hire a shipping container from us. Our 20’ general purpose containers are made with strong Corten steel, offer thick wood flooring and standard double doors that open 270 degrees. They make it easy and convenient to keep your items safe and secure! Our 20’ general purpose shipping containers are equipped with standard safety features to further protect your items during storage or shipment. The 20’ general purpose containers for hire will withstand the strongest of weather conditions including, heavy winds and rains and the worst of the humidity so the weather will not impact your items. Your items will stay completely secure and in exceptional condition when you store them in a Container Traders 20’ general purpose shipping container. You will have no concerns about if your items are safe and protected when you store and ship in a Container Traders shipping container! And when you choose to hire a 20’ general purpose shipping container, you do not have to worry about delivery, removal or maintenance as we handle all of that for you! The only thing you need to concern yourself with is your items. It has never been easier to ship and store items than it is with Container Traders.

20’ general purpose shipping containers are useful in so many different situations. You never know when you might need one for a limited amount of time. They are excellent for storing personal effects, business related items or they can be used for industrial shipping. General purpose shipping containers can act as temporary office spaces or they can ship your items to your new home. Perhaps you are being relocated for several years abroad or are interested in travelling for several months. In that case, it is cost effective to temporarily store your items while you are away in a 20’ general purpose shipping container from Container Traders. Once you have returned home, you will be able to move your items into your full-time living space and Container Traders will remove your shipping container. Long-term travel is incredibly easy thanks to the general purpose shipping containers from Container Traders. Or perhaps your small business is experience a temporary renovation of your offices. Instead of staying in a construction site or disturbing your work, you can simply hire several 20’ general purpose shipping containers to act as temporary storage and offices. When your new place is ready, our team will come pick up your shipping containers while you enjoy your sleek brand new redesigned offices. Or perhaps you need a general purpose container to accommodate a long-term construction project and need to store materials and tools and create temporary offices on-site. If you know you will not need a container after this specific project, you’ll want a short-term and cost-effective solution! After all, nothing is more frustrating than having to deal with the hassle of a shipping container that has nothing to do! Instead, hire a 20’ general purpose container from Container Traders and save money and increase flexibility!

Versatile applications

They are very versatile containers that can hold a variety of different items.  A 20’ general purpose container is extremely versatile. And hiring a 20’ general purpose is a cost effective way to keep your items secure and to create space in your living or working area or to use as temporary storage. From personal effects to industrial shipping, no matter what you need a general purpose shipping container for, a 20’ general purpose container is a secure option for shipping and storage. Shipping containers are built to last but they do not need to last with you. When you hire a shipping container, you are able to use it only when you need it, for a limited time and should you ever need a shipping container again, you know you can continue to trust the experts at Container Traders to rent you another high quality general purpose shipping containers for a limited amount of time! While there are so many ways to use a shipping container, it is unlikely you will need one for decades or many years. For limited time uses, the general purpose shipping containers from container traders will solve your temporary storage and shipping problems.

There is a tremendous amount of ease when you choose to hire a shipping container as opposed to purchasing one. You do not need to worry about maintaining your container or making sure it is working properly. The exceptional team at Container Traders will take care of all maintenance of your container for you. We will deliver it quickly to you, no matter where you are located and when you no longer need you shipping container, we will be sure to quickly remove it so that you do not have to worry about it any longer! Hiring a shipping container from Container Traders is extremely cost effective. We are proud to offer some of the best prices on general purpose containers for hire. When you combine our high quality products, amazing customer service and low prices, you have an unbeatable shipping container solution that will meet your personal or professional needs!

Clean and tidy, ready for immediate use

Container Traders is the leading supplier of high quality, state of the art, fully-featured shipping containers in Australia. Every single one of our containers is the highest quality possible. Whether it is brand new, second hand, for sale or for hire, you can trust that the shipping containers we provide will keep your items completely protected and secure while they are in store or shipment. We offer a wide variety of cost effective shipping and storage solutions. No matter what your budget is, you will be able to find the right shipping container for you and your needs at Container Traders. The expert team at Container Traders will be able to help you determine your unique shipping needs  and find the best shipping container available. We will help you determine if you need to purchase a container or if your need is ideal for hiring a shipping container for a limited amount of time. Whatever you may need a shipping container for, you will enjoy the process of finding the right one for you at Container Traders!

You will find high quality containers and exceptional customer service at Container Traders. We care about our customers and we want you to have an amazing experience shipping and storing your goods with a Container Traders shipping container. It is our goal to keep your items secure and make the process of transporting and shipping your process an extremely smooth and stress-free one.  From the moment you first meet our helpful customer service team and begin browsing our selection of products to the moment our exceptional delivery team removes your shipping container after you have completed using it, you will enjoy the stress-free process of finding the right shipping container for your needs at Container Traders.

Moving House?

Moving, undergoing renovations, shipping large items or handling large projects are stressful enough without having to worry about finding high quality shipping containers. Choose the easy way to ship and store your personal or professional items with a Container Traders general purpose shipping container. Contact us today to find out more about hiring a general purpose shipping container from Container Traders!