Shipping Container Storage

Looking for self-storage of your shipping container but don’t have space on your property? Come to us!

Container Traders provide short-term and long-term shipping container storage, are competitively priced and offer a range of shipping containers to suit your needs and budgets.  Container Traders are able to store your shipping containers on-site in our storage facilities.

Container Traders have multiple locations all across Australia.  Call us to find the one that is most convenient for you.

Advantages of On-site Shipping Container Self Storage

  • Portability – Because our shipping containers are mobile, this is especially useful if you want to quickly relocate your items once you no longer need the storage.
  • Affordability – Short- and long-term storage at our facilities is competitively priced.  Because we specialise in providing shipping containers for many industries and purposes, we are able to offer highly competitive prices for you.
  • Variety–  We have a range of shipping containers so we can help you find the best one to suit your needs.