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Pop Up Container Businesses & Shops

The durable nature, versatile use and sturdy construction of shipping containers make them appropriate for use across many different scenarios. Shipping containers are not only used for storage, temporary residences and ablution facilities, but also serve as convenient, pop-up, portable shops.

Think of it this way, in the increasingly on-the-go world of today, would it not benefit businesses to be mobile as well? Not only will it be easier to find your customers by getting to the destination they are at, it will also be beneficial in the long run when demand from one area is depleted and you can easily move to your next in-demand zone.
Container Traders provides you with aesthetically pleasing, affordable solutions for your businesses outlets. Whether it is a pop-up depot, a coffee shop, a snack bar or a clothing store, Container Traders offers a variety of size, features and add-ons to help you customize the containers according to your needs.

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What Type of Containers Can Be Used

Different type of modular shipping container units can be used in combination to create an environment suitable for retail outlets. Following are some of the units you might need for your business outlet:

  • General units
    Different container sizes ranging from 20 feet to 40 feet may be used to house small departmental store, cafes, boutiques, bookstores and many other retail outlets.
  • Refrigeration Units
    These can be utilized by café, restaurants and snack bars as added facilities to help them remain mobile for longer amounts of time.
  • Generator Units
    Containers that provide the facility of a generator unit can be used with any retail outlet to give it more mobility because the worry of locating a power source is eliminated. Cafes, restaurants, pop-up depots, accessories stores, mobile automobile workshops and many other businesses can enjoy the benefits of a Generator unit.
  • Kitchenette Unit
    An ideal unit for use by food businesses allows for meal prep on the go. These units come equipped with washbasins, stoves, counters, display units and waste storage facilities.

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Why Choose Container Traders?

Container Traders provides you quality containers made up of durable, high-grade stainless steel. Our containers are treated to be rust-proof, all-weather wearing, easy to put together in modular arrangements and convenient to transport. However, perhaps the single most winning feature provided by Container Traders is the ease of customization. We allow you to customize your design by adding accessories, and modular units.


Some of the notable features include:

  • Insulation and heating facilities
  • Secured windows and doors
  • Hot & cold water facilities
  • Modular units that can be attached in different combinations
  • Lights, conduits and wiring included
  • Rust-proof, high grade, galvanized steel

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Container Traders provide you with a range of accessories that can be included in your container arrangements to make them more suited to your needs. Following are some accessories that can be useful in container cafes and retail outlets:

  • Shelving
    For use by cafes or shops, these can be set up in different configurations and can hold varied kinds of weights.
  • Insulation
    Shipping containers can get uncomfortable during winters. Add insulation to create comfort in your portable pop up shop/café
  • Flooring
    Choose from vinyl or wood flooring to give your container shop an exclusive, luxurious look.
  • Ramps
    Allow wheelchair access inside your retail outlets and container cafes with the use of add-on ramps. Ramps also help in loading and unloading containers.
  • Washbasins and toilets
    Add ablution facilities to your unit for your workers and customers.
  • Air Conditioning
    Air conditioning can also be added to your units.
  • Wall Partitions
    Partition walls allow you to create cubicles or segment your large containers into specific zones.
  • Doors & Windows
    Add double or single doors with different locking systems. Add-on windows also allow for greater light, ventilation and visual access.

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If you would like further customization, get in touch with us and let our experts guide you!