Container modifications

Need a Shipping Container Modification?

Placing a standard container on your block is a great idea, however sometimes you may have a different idea to utilise the extra space. If it is something as simple as getting some shelving down one side of the container, or a full conversion into a granny flat for your teenage kids, Container Traders have you covered.

Customisable electrical solutions to suit your needs

If you are going to store your work electrical equipment in a container, having power inside means you don’t have to carry heavy equipment long distances for short jobs. Being able to plug equipment straight into power points inside the container may save a lot of time and back strain. We can also install lighting and external power points according to your specifications.

Container Traders can organise internal shelving

Trying to organise storage inside a container can be a massive task. Container Traders can organise internal shelving to help organise whatever it is you are storing. From filing boxes, to kids’ toys, you give us the dimensions and we will organise to have the selves fitted so when you pack it the first time, it gets done right.

PA Doors, Roller doors or even an extra set of container doors

Depending on where you are putting the container, accessing the container through the main doors may not be the most practical solution. Container traders can organise extra doors on your container. There are different doors out there, so weather you are thinking of a standard PA door, roller door, or even another set of container doors on the side wall, we will have you covered.

Extra light without having to worry about security

Want a little bit of extra light in your container, Container Traders can organise to put an extra window or skylight on your container. For extra security, we can organise to have metal shutters or security grills installed.

The backyard workshop you’ve always dreamed of.

Do you want to get your cars back into the garage but the weekend projects are taking up all of the room? At container traders we can organise to convert a container in to the backyard workshop that you have always dreamed of. Full customisation available with electrical packages, workbenches, shelving to your requirements, we can help get those cars back into the garage.

Manage the temperature inside the container

If you are going to be working a lot or living inside your container, insulation is a must. We can help reduce the temperature on the hottest day to bearable condition. Where a lot of insulation isn’t suitable for shipping containers, our experienced staff can listen to your requirements, and work out exactly which one will work best for you.