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Container Condition and Grading Information

redtick Shipping Containers receive a grade based on their condition
redtick The following is to assist you in understanding the Shipping Container Grading system

One Way / New Build / Single Trip Containers

redtick One trip containers are factory-made primarily in Asia, prior to being utilised by shippers to relocate cargo from Asia to Australia.
redtick After the container reaches Australia, the shipper takes the container to a warehouse to empty the containers contents, prior to being trucked to what is known as an empty container yard.
redtick This is where the containers are surveyed and made available for resale.
redtick One Trip Containers are the best quality container available for purchase in Australia.
redtick This is due to spending minimal time being fork lifted around shipping ports, container terminals, on and off ships and trucks, as well as being exposed to the high seas, and salt water sea spray.
redtick Due to One Trip Containers having not been handled as often they will have minor dents, scratches, cargo marks and surface rust.
redtick Although these containers are referred to in the industry as ‘new’, One Trip Containers have made one trip across the ocean and have been handled by forklifts and road transport, so quite often have a few scratches and a possible ding or two.
redtick Container Trader Wholesale have One trip containers available from most of Australia’s capital cities, and occasionally some of Australia’s larger regional locations.
redtick We strongly recommend you consider this option if you don’t want the hassle of maintenance, or the aesthetics of a Cargo Worthy or As is container.

Cargo Worthy Containers

GradeCWredtick Cargo worthy containers are second hand, or used containers that can be surveyed (if not still in survey) and certified to be structurally suitable for rail and ocean freight of cargo.
redtick To be classed as Cargo worthy, the container has been passed fit based on a number of universal inspection criteria’s.
redtick These criteria’s relate directly to the condition of the container doors, floor condition, walls, ceiling, paint condition and structural integrity.
redtick Structural integrity is main factor when it comes to certification of shipping containers.
redtick Cargo Worthy containers all have imperfections, some worse than others.
redtick The aesthetic appearance of cargo worthy container will vary, you will never find two cargo worthy containers in the same condition, with the same blemishes, dings, scratches and cargo marks.
redtick Although Cargo worthy containers are still suitable and certified for their intended purpose, they are older second hand units, and generally will require a re-furb and paint if your intentions are to place the container in a high exposure locations.

*IICL is short for Institute of International Container Lessors. IICL is a globally governed and recognised industry body with uniform standards for container grading and repairs universally.