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10 Reasons to Build with Shipping Containers

Why You Should Be Using Containers for Construction 1. They’re cost effective. Shipping containers are far more affordable than traditional construction methods. Not only are the absolute costs fairly low, due to a large supply of containers in yards and ports across the country, but once construction starts, less materials are used and your financial […]

Container to the Rescue

Solving Peru’s Housing Crisis, One Container at a Time It’s estimated that over 1 million homes are required in Peru to close the country’s substantial housing gap! Sound staggering? What if we told you that that’s after the government have invested over 3.3 billion dollars in housing programs over the past 20 years. The main […]

Box Park: Innovative, Pop-Up Retail Precincts

Box Parks in London to be the Future of Retail & Hospitality By now you should know that the previously humble shipping container is no longer quite so humble. Design creativity and technological innovation have meant that shipping containers are increasingly being used for purposes other than shipping and storing goods. They’re praised for their […]

Planning a Shipping Container Home

What You Need to Know About Planning a Shipping Container Home The current housing market – characterised notably by unaffordability and a lack of adequate (affordable) development – calls for an increase in cost-effective building and construction solutions. Recently, many individuals, builders and building designers have turned to shipping containers as one of these solutions. […]

Shipping Container Conversion Triumphs

5 of the Most Interesting Shipping Container Conversions Shipping containers are becoming more and more popular for the enormous amount of versatility and flexibility they offer. For this reason, many innovative individuals and organisations are choosing to convert shipping containers for a variety of alternate uses. We’ve compiled a list of 5 of the most […]

The Inside Scoop on Shipping Container Homes

5 Shipping Container Home Conversions You Can Stay In Did someone say ‘the perfect getaway’? Yes! We did! The stunning and unique container homes on this epic list are open for business – quite literally. Immerse yourself in the unmatched experience offered by shipping container conversions, in some of Australia’s most breathtaking locations. Spend a […]

Shipping Container Pools

What You Need to Know About Shipping Container Pool Conversions What are shipping container pools and how can you get one for yourself? In recent years, the versatility and customisability of shipping containers has become increasingly apparent within the building and construction industry. With rising home prices and a relative increase in the cost of […]

Shipping Container or Stadium – Why Not Both?

Shipping Container Conversion on the Rise The humble shipping container has no reason to be humble anymore. For the upcoming 2022 World Cup, Spanish architecture firm Fenwick Iribarren Architects have devised a genius plan to avoid the all too common, post-world-event run down. The proposed solution? You guessed it – shipping containers! After vast development of […]

Ablution Unit or Bathroom Block?

Another great easy shipping container conversion is a container bathroom block, or ablution unit. Wether you need to create a temporary deluxe bathroom for a high end client, or a set of economical toilets or showers for low cost housing, a shipping container is an ideal shell to be able to house all your bathroom […]

How to Make your Shipping Container into a Home

Have you ever thought of creating your own space out of a shipping container? Many of us admire those who can do it and wish we could do our own – and Container Traders are here to help with that. With the growing demand for customised containers, we’ve compiled the following steps to help you […]