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Lockboxes: The unsung hero of security

Have you heard about lockboxes? Or know what they do? When you purchase or hire a shipping container, chances are, you have done so to protect or keep items or equipment as safe as possible during transport or storage, right? This is the case with almost all container users – and rightly so. A shipping […]

Switchroom Containers: What are they?

Also known as a control room, a switch room basically operates an entire electrical area or job site. A switch room generally needs to be custom built to suit the needs of the business, or the electrical equipment that it needs to run – and they often need to be on site, and be in […]

How using a Shipping Container can create a successful Entrepreneur

When designing, launching, and running a small business, entrepreneurs often require a certain set of capabilities and conditions in order to see and exploit a business vision or inspiration. These conditions, or capabilities can, and often will, change from person to person, depending on outside factors like personality, financial or real estate markets and laws […]

Are Shipping Containers Secure?

Security is one of the main issues surrounding choice of container when it’s primary purpose will be storage. Because of the shipping containers’ main construction, of CorTen steel panels and cross members, their purposeful design to carry extremely heavy loads, stack on top of each other, and resist the harshest environments like tornadoes and hurricanes; […]