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Australian Shipping Container Businesses

When you’re looking at starting up a new venture, one of the first things you take into consideration is the start up cost. Too high, and your new business could be doomed to fail before you’ve even had a chance. So what is one way to lower all costs and still create the fantastic plan […]

Shipping Container Accomodation: Here’s what you should look at first.

With a high surge in the trend of downsizing and minimising possessions, there is an even larger trend pattern developing with shipping container accomodation. Affordable, transportable and easily modified, shipping containers are the seemingly perfect example of minimalist living. But what do you need to do to get one for yourself? How to obtain or […]

Focus On: Shipping Container Hotels

The world has begun an obsession with shipping containers as modified pieces of accommodation – and this has gradually extended out to include shipping container hotels. From small boutique rooms only made of one shipping container, to massive hotel structures, shipping container hotels are becoming more mainstream as property developers realise that using shipping containers […]

How Using a Shipping Container benefits your Business

Shipping containers are beneficial in all facets of life – especially when used in business. From simple bulk storage to highly customisable workspaces, we’ve put together a comprehensive list to show you many of the reasons to use containers for your next venture. MORE BULK STORAGE With regulated boxes and pallet sizes, there are many […]

How Durable is a Shipping Container?

The brainchild of Malcolm McLean, a trucker who saw the need for consistent shipping sizing and reliability, the shipping container was invented and patented in 1956. The Dictionary of International Trade, by Edward Hinkelman, describes the shipping container as needing to be of permanent character and accordingly strong enough to be suitable for repeated use, […]