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New vs Old Shipping Containers: Which is right for you?

When you’ve finally done the research to realise you need a shipping container in your life – for whatever reason, whether it be storage, transporting goods, or a modified area; you then need to decide if you want to buy a new one trip container, or a used, older container. NEW ONE TRIP CONTAINERS One […]

Switchroom Containers: What are they?

Also known as a control room, a switch room basically operates an entire electrical area or job site. A switch room generally needs to be custom built to suit the needs of the business, or the electrical equipment that it needs to run – and they often need to be on site, and be in […]

Flooring in a Shipping Container

Not something often thought about when purchasing or hiring a shipping container is the floor – and what your options are in regards to changing it. OR do you even have to change it? As with all types of modification, it is really a matter of personal preference if you wish to change the floor […]

Shipping Containers – The Future of Farming

Shipping containers are often thought of in regards to storage, or transport, but how often do you think about using shipping containers for farming? New advancements and trials around the world  and Australia have shown that containers are suited to a new trend called vertical farming – using artificial LED lighting and usually smaller types […]

Why Shipping Containers are the best storage solution

One of the main benefits of storage in a shipping container is the layouts available, and the flexibility to change these layouts however you feel, depending on your equipment or needs. For example, if you a storing general household items for a move etc, you wouldn’t necessarily need any shelving as the items would be […]

How Durable is a Shipping Container?

The brainchild of Malcolm McLean, a trucker who saw the need for consistent shipping sizing and reliability, the shipping container was invented and patented in 1956. The Dictionary of International Trade, by Edward Hinkelman, describes the shipping container as needing to be of permanent character and accordingly strong enough to be suitable for repeated use, […]