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‘Glamtainers’ Luxury Stays in Converted Containers

The growing trend toward shipping container accommodation. You’ll no doubt know that shipping containers are increasingly being used for purposes other than shipping and storage. They’re popping up everywhere and consistently gaining popularity due to their cost-effectiveness, convenience and practicality. In the past, container conversions were more commonly used in construction for private use. Recently, […]

Party… in a Shipping Container

We’ve been through so many different modifications that you can create from the humble shipping container – most of them easy, and all of them unique. From personal use to business use, a shipping container can fit any purpose – and parties are no exception! Around this time of year, both individuals and companies are […]

Container Hiring – Is it worth it?

When you’re looking at a shipping container, there are a lot of choices, from buying new, used for hiring. But which one is right for you? Well, it really depends on you, and a few of your own different preferences, like what you need it for and your budget. Answer the following questions and you […]