Shipping Container Paint Modification

by Kathleen Donohoe

There are so many amazing things you can do with paint, including the interior and/or exterior transformation of a shipping container! Paint can turn you container into anything you can think of, from a storage container to container office or workshop to a teenagers retreat. 


Some may think of the painting of container walls as unnecessary, however this couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many reasons to modify your shipping container with paint, including but not limited to:

Appearance – Generally, a container has a quite rough exterior – from protecting its contents over the long journey on the seas. The amount of slight scratches and dents may vary depending on the containers age, however a new coat of paint can really improve the aesthetics of both the inside and outside of a shipping container.

Weatherproofing – Paint can really help protect from any kind of weather, from creating a barrier between the metal and any rainwater or condensation, which can stop rust from forming. 

Upgrade – The scratches and marks that come with age, or hard wear, are common in the shipping industry. Second hand units are often a lot cheaper to buy, and for a small fee you can easily upgrade your container simply from a good coat of paint.


Refurbishment – When you modify your container into any sort of housing, storage, recreation, office or workshop, a fresh coat of paint internally can make the space suit the particular need – and the external painting can give the container an entirely new lease on life!

Match existing surrounds – If you don’t want your container to stick out in whichever location you decide to put it, try to match the colour of the paint with any surrounding buildings or water tanks, to camouflage and bring unity to the entire landscape.

Paint is powerful enough to totally change your container – so if you want your container to get a great facelift, simply call 1300 89 89 70 today and let the Container Trader team help you!