Rural Container Sheds

by Kathleen Donohoe

When permanent structures built traditionally aren’t an option for either functionality or financial reasons, what do you do?

Order a Rural Container Shed from the Container Traders of course!


A Rural Container Shed is a hybrid shelter storage space with a flexible design that enables you to have an outside mount with a large space in-between containers, or an inside mount that covers the shipping containers as well, with a choice of standard Zincalum roofing, or our premium range of Colourbond colours.

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With endless conventional options for modification, including offices, amenities, workshops, accomodation or storage, the Rural Container Sheds are also applicable to many other businesses and sites. Especially:


– Shelter for livestock and their food items


– Spaces for outside workshops for employees

– Storing products or items safely and protecting them from the weather


– Protecting valuable and large equipment, machinery and equipment from the elements

– The ability to quickly work on equipment or machinery outside

– Secure, wind and water tight storage

– Relocatable and adaptable space


– Hangars for airplanes, helicopters or larger equipment

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These adaptable are engineered and built to last with a 20 year guarantee on roof materials. With no concrete slab required, and all requirements supplied, they couldn’t be easier to put together!

So why not try one of these great shelters today – just call 1300 89 89 70 to talk to one of our friendly team and have them organise it all for you!