Do you need to ventilate your container?

by Kathleen Donohoe

Why don’t they come with it?

Shipping containers don’t automatically come with any ventilation – they’re generally made overseas, so when they’re shipped, full of items, to the final destination, the items need to arrive in pristine condition. Any sort of openings on the container in this trip could mean insects, air or even the ocean could potentially get inside the container and damage the goods. And although this is perfect for the container’s short first original journey where a human is not inhabiting, it is not ideal for the next phase of a containers life. As soon as that first journey is over, and the container has been sold again, it’s a generally a good idea to get ventilation of some kind installed – and it’s a must if you’re planning on living in one.

ventilate-airvent airvent ventilate

Why should you ventilate? And how?

Depending on your containers use, there are different varieties of ventilation available to be aware of. To use a shipping container for any sort of living situation, ventilation can provide the airflow need to ensure that the area is inhabitable. In a housing or accomodation container, this could be created by using louvered vents, a whirly bird or simply using windows. Not heard of a Whirlybird? These are turbine vents that are either powered by electricity – or just the wind. They fill with the hot, stale air from the container and release it, allowing cooler air (with less moisture) back in. However if you’re only looking at storing times, a window might be too much for you, and simply using the louvered vents might be enough. The vents, while small, let the fresh new dry air into the unit and circulate, and lets the old stale and usually hot air escape to create a natural air flow and reduce the temperature. 

ventilate-whirlybird ventilate-whirlybird

So why do you need to use ventilation? Well, you don’t have to. But – there are some natural cause and effects that can happen over time in areas of airtight space, like condensation, rust, mould, heat build up and fumes. So why take the chance? Call Container Traders today on 1300 89 89 70 to talk about getting your container ventilated today.