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The Ideal Shed, Storage, Shelter, or Outbuilding for an Aussie Farm

by Container Traders

Image1Packing The Ideal Shed, Storage, Shelter, or Outbuilding for an Aussie Farm

The typical Australian farm has a few features – abundance of open plains, homestead, livestock, or crops for example, however an element that keeps appearing is the shipping container. Because of its versatility, the humble shipping container has turned out to be the perfect solution to many issues like storage, transport, and sales.

Shipping container storage on the farm

The most obvious result of a shipping container is for storage. If you’re an Aussie farmer, you know that storage is a number one priority to ensure purchase or payment of your product. There are really two different layouts using containers that help with this – either using the containers as wind and water tight stores for smaller machinery and equipment (such as 4 wheelers, motorbikes, ride on lawnmowers, car parts, etc.); or, using the shipping containers as posts to install either a fabric or steel shelter. Although a shelter can add an expense to the bottom line, it increases the amount of storage space available by at least 50%. The height of the shelter will mean you can easily add large machinery in the resulting space, like tractors or hay cutting equipment. The major benefit of adding in a shelter is having the containers still, so you can still use these for your smaller storage needs. The shelter – either fabric or steel – can be a perfect area for an animal or livestock shelter.


Need to Transport? Use a Shipping Container!

Depending on what you’re farming, you could use shipping containers for transport to the ports or larger depots – especially as most farms are not near suburban areas, shipping containers can be a way to easily combine storage and transport costs. To simply pack a load of wool, hay, wheat, or even fruit and vegetables (in a refrigerated shipping container if necessary) when you have finishing harvesting or processing, and then be able to immediately send it out to the buyer is an absolute time saver that can save a lot of money to the average farmer.

Cool down this summer

Currently there is a special tax break on farmers for particular purchases – one of which being the shipping container that could improve your families’ quality of life by turning it into a pool! Talk to your accountant about this one today and let the family cool down this summer.

And finally, the Farm Gate Shop

Are you able to sell direct to the public? For many farmers this is a pipe dream or could never be a possibility with the setup costs, but with a simple high cube container it can be a reality. Even if you would just like a display, the humble shipping container can help. With an enormous range of options when it comes to accessories and modifications, you can make the container cooler or lighter quite easily, and being so stable and secure you won’t have to worry about breakage – all you need to keep in mind is staying within Australia’s food compliance laws. Opening a modest farm gate shop may bring in some petty cash, but could also become a larger section to your business and create a serious revenue if taken online.


And there we have it – just how an unassuming shipping container can benefit the Australian farm as a shed, barn, storage or shelter area. Container Traders can help you find the best shipping container for whichever need you have, and deliver it to remote areas at the best price. Talk to them today on 1300 89 89 70!

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