Flooring in a Shipping Container

by Kathleen Donohoe

Not something often thought about when purchasing or hiring a shipping container is the floor – and what your options are in regards to changing it. OR do you even have to change it? As with all types of modification, it is really a matter of personal preference if you wish to change the floor of your container, and today we’ll run through why you would want to, how you can and what modifying the floor would do for you and your container.

vinyl2 16-floor

Shipping Containers generally come equipped with Plywood flooring, and depending on the age of your container, and what the container was previously used for, can sometimes be slightly warped or have small stains. If you only intend on using a container for storage or don’t mind what the container looks like internally, then there is no real need to change the flooring – the marine grade plywood used will be functional for all settings.

However if aesthetics play a part in what you want to use your container for, there are a few different flooring ideas you could choose from. Consider covering the existing floor with any of the following:

insulated1Steel – Some containers, like refrigerated or insulated containers already come with tell flooring, and dangerous goods containers sometimes come with steel mesh – this is a more industrial type of floor as steel wont rust or rot. Also quite practical in kitchen or workspaces, steel makes a great non-slip area when treated in a diamond pattern, and can be hospital grade cleaned.




Carpet – A normal covering in a home, carpet comes in so many different colours and textures that it will match any existing colours or textiles within the container, and can instantly give a homely or comforting feel to any accomodation or home office container. 



kitchenette-2Vinyl or Linoleum – As with carpet, vinyl comes in a variety of colours and styles so can match any style you’re trying to create. Laying either of vinyl or linoleum over a plywood floor creates a nice finish, and linoleum also has great eco-friendly options available – and some that are antibacterial, so will last the test of time. 

Creating a functional area within your container interior is often a top priority, to protect your container and make is last even longer, as well as to help with insulating the container to keep any temperatures steady and habitable. 

If you want to look into more flooring options – give the friendly team at Container Traders a call now on 1300 89 89 70!