Dangerous Goods Shipping Containers

by Kathleen Donohoe

Dangerous goods, considered to be any item that is hazardous, or flammable within Australian Standard AS1940, still need to be shipped around between worksites – but how? Enter the Dangerous Goods Shipping Container! Made from traditionally sized shipping containers, usually 10ft or 20ft in length and either general purpose or high cube heights, a Dangerous Goods container will comply with the Australian Standard, including Hazardous Goods Class 3 Flammable Liquid Containers.

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While similar to a standard container, they do have a few definite differences, not only with the Australian Standard regulations. They usually come with a valve tap to allow for drainage of any leaks from the inside; they have ventilation installed within to allow essential air flow; and can easily and safely ship or store chemicals, gas cylinders, flammable liquids or solids, corrosive substances and any other potentially dangerous items.

An added benefit of using a shipping container to store or ship is not only the extra security and peace of mind the secure steel structure brings, but also the ability to have traditional shipping container aspects added in – modifications like shelving; extra double doors added to both ends of the container; or even side opening doors added. Having side opening doors makes stocking and unpacking the container an easy task, especially when there may be a full line of containers waiting after transit to be unloaded.

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Often used by large construction, mining or chemical companies, this is the only way to transport or store deadly gases, chemicals or liquids – and everything in between. If you would like a quote, or simply some more information on Dangerous Goods containers – shipping or for storage, just call 1300 89 89 70!