Australian Shipping Container Businesses

by Kathleen Donohoe

When you’re looking at starting up a new venture, one of the first things you take into consideration is the start up cost. Too high, and your new business could be doomed to fail before you’ve even had a chance. So what is one way to lower all costs and still create the fantastic plan inside your head? Shipping containers.

171005-ModJobSpencer- 20ftPaintedAGrade-InsulatedElectricalSlidingDoor3With their affordability and versatility, shipping containers are the quickest way to avoid the traditional building or renting costs and fees that could easily send your new enterprise into the red. And not only this, but they have the ultimate business tool at their disposal: modification. By adding the accessories or modifications to your shipping container that your business specifically needs (if any), you will quickly have the foundation to turn a stellar idea into a money-making opportunity.

But you might be thinking, what kind of businesses can you begin by using shipping containers? Let me tell you, if you have an idea or a dream, a container will fit into any possibility it is needed for. For example, a small business owner in Victoria, Frank Donato, has converted their container into a vertical farm/greenhouse, and can now improve his profits by growing seasonal foods all year round. And there are so many other possibilities, we’ve put together a list of just a few options below.


Are you looking at opening a retail or online shop and need space to be able to store your goods? Shipping Containers. With just minimal accessories (depending on what you’re selling), like shelving or cabinetry, you can easily set this up anywhere it’s needed.


Pop Up Shops

From a simple food or market stall to retail stores in the city or remote, a container can be altered to have extra doors, windows and shelving so customers can easily shop from your shop. Not getting the profit needed from a particular location? Simply move the container to a new one and open your doors again!


When you can’t work inside your own home or need the functionality to weld, build, cut or use heavy machinery on site, a shipping container is a sturdy and reliable option when modified with electrical and lighting fit outs, and work benches.

shop SpencerMod11


The often talked about cafe can range from restaurants, to burger stalls, actual coffee cafes to school or sporting canteens to industrial kitchens. Modified with electrical and lighting options, extra doors, windows, or serving areas and the possibility of industrial grade finishing; a container could be the affordable beginning for hopefully restauranteurs.

Offices or Site Offices

If you want to be slightly more professional to clientele or simply need a separate workspace on site, a shipping container can make the perfect office. To see more on what accessories and modifications you can use, check out our page here.

Holiday Places

You’ve seen shipping container hotels – what about cabins? Using a container modified on site and delivered to your site means you can have a ready-made holiday park in no time at all – and with no exorbitant costs.

artstudio-768x408 writing

Creative Spaces

We’ve touched on creative companies before that use shipping containers, and how they’ve been used specially for Sewing, Art Studios, Photography Studios, Musicians, Writing Retreats and Potters; you can read more on that here.

Mobile Health Care

If you’re in the medical industry and want a robust and reliable shell to store equipment or see patients in, a shipping container is perfect. Some branches of government help programs are already looking into container options, with more on the rise. Think cancer screening for men and women, eye examinations, children’s health – and containers can be particularly useful in remote access areas too.

There are so many more options, like vertical farming mentioned earlier, travelling shows or museums, and shopping malls for example, with more arriving every day. And we will make sure to report on them so you can see the great advances Australian’s are making! If any of these ideas have struck a chord with you, be sure to call Container Traders on 1300 89 89 70 so we can organise a container and the needed modifications for you!