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5 of Australia's Most Stunning Shipping Container Homes

by Container Traders

Cronulla Shipping Container Home Conversion 5 of Australia's Most Stunning Shipping Container Homes

The Best Shipping Container Home Conversions

It might be called a shipping container but the humble steel box of the 1950’s has become far more than just an efficient and intermodal transport option. In recent years, the rising cost of both purchasing and constructing homes (especially in Sydney and Melbourne) has pushed many potential homeowners into a corner. This corner, albeit previously unchartered, has been the catalyst for a huge amount of industry innovation – and more importantly, has been responsible for the overwhelming growth in shipping container modification. Providing a cost-effective solution with boundless conversion potential, shipping containers are being transformed into incredible living spaces in a bid by many to save hard-earned financial assets without compromising quality of life. In hopes of inspiring you to follow in the footsteps of so many others, we’ve put together a list of five of Australia’s most impressive container conversions – and when you decide you want one too, do not hesitate to get in touch with the friendly team at Container Traders about Shipping Container Homes for sale

1. Moxon Bros – Cronulla, NSW

Cronulla Shipping Container Home Conversion

If you’ve ever doubted the achievable quality of a shipping container conversion, this stunning (and high-end) home will absolutely change your mind. Unrecognisable internally, this home boasts a full designer kitchen, glamorous bathrooms and luxury finishes throughout. We might be biased, but the external aesthetic not only pays homage to the versatile containers that made the home possible but also nods to a contemporary and industrial architectural design theme that is on trend and in demand.

Cronulla Shipping Container Home Conversion

If you’d like to live in a stunning home like this one (who wouldn’t?), then get in touch with the team at Container Traders today! We provide start-to-finish service so you can create the home you’ve always dreamed of. Our friendly team is always happy to answer questions – nothing is too ambitious so contact us now!  

2. Ziegler Build – Graceville, QLD

Graceville Shipping Container Home Conversion

Fittingly featured on Grand Designs Australia, this magnificent shipping container residence took 6 months to build and is constructed using over 30 separate shipping containers. This home showcases the immense potential offered by shipping container conversion, demonstrating the complete transformation that can be possible – the only limit is your imagination (and, of course, the size of your site)! The Graceville home also boasts complete cyclone safety, highlighting the quality and durability of the containers on offer.

Graceville Shipping Container Home Conversion

The clients also chose to install a shipping container pool into the backyard, another incredible conversion option boasting cost-effectiveness and a luxurious final product. If the luxury of this Graceville home has given you inspiration to create your own, then get in touch with Container Traders today! Our friendly team are happy to assist in designing and fabricating your dream home.  

3. Amy and Richard – Gippsland, VIC

Gippsland Shipping Container Home

With the steadily rising cost of living and exorbitant house prices in capital cities, many Australians suffer from fear that their dream of owning a home will never be realised. Not only this, but the lifestyle desired by so many – which includes travelling and exploring the world – seems out of reach in today’s financial climate. Enter Amy and Richard, a young Aussie couple that is changing the mould. In a bid to simultaneously save money, become homeowners and retain a lifestyle of freedom, they designed and created this stunning home using just 3 converted shipping containers. Aesthetically beautiful, the home boasts a 7.1 energy star rating (which means no energy bills), took only 5 months to build and cost just under $150,000. Are you convinced yet? Get in touch with the team at Container Traders to discuss how we can help you create one of your own.

4. Hinterland Home

Hinterland Shipping Container Home Conversion

The Hinterland Home, believe it or not, was a completely pre-fabricated project. With a shipping container pool, 7 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, an office and a loft, this home, although for large families, was built with a small ecological footprint. Unlike other homes on this list, the Hinterland has been lined inside and out for anyone who might be reluctant to embrace the industrial, shipping container aesthetic.

Hinterland Shipping Container Home Conversion

It took only 10 weeks to build and a week to install, showcasing the time savings you could achieve if you chose a modified shipping container instead of more traditional construction methods. Don’t want to wait any longer? Get in touch with the knowledgeable team of experts at Container Traders today. We’re on hand to give you important information, competitive prices and fast container delivery so contact us now!

5. Boomerang - Wye River, Victoria

Wye River Shipping Container Home Conversion

Appropriately dubbed ‘The Boomerang House’, this stunning, steel-clad home was built to withstand the harsh conditions of Australian bushland, exceeding strict Bush Fire Building Code and emerging unimposingly from the steep slope it sits on. Constructed from 3 containers, the home boasts a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, a laundry and an outdoor deck area. The home was constructed with the least environmental impact possible – repurposing used shipping containers (minimal additional building materials), avoiding concrete foundations (which produce a lot of carbon output), and having been quickly pre-fabricated off-site (to use minimal energy).

Wye River Shipping Container Home Conversion

Whether you want a similar property for permanent residence or as a holiday house or investment property, Container Traders can certainly help! Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your options and start designing the home you’ve always wanted.    

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