Bi-fold side opening containers

Bi-fold shipping containers offer a number of benefits over traditional containers. While they are designed for general purpose shipping, they are better suited to over-sized and oddly shaped loads. They also offer better access and increase the amount of space available for goods.

Make light work of loading and unloading

The most obvious advantage of bi-fold side opening containers is that they make light work of loading and unloading. With both doors open you have immediate access to the whole space. This saves time when it comes to loading and unloading the container. Commercial and industrial users will appreciate the fact that they have access to the full sidewall, something that is not possible with traditional containers. The advantages of bi-fold side opening containers help to cut down on the time and effort required to load and unload goods. Versatile, flexible and practical, bi-fold side opening containers make loading and unloading an absolute breeze.

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The two doors also make it easier to access cargo whenever you want to. If you need to get something out from the back of the container, you no longer have to unload everything. You can simply open one or both of the side doors to get to what you need without any hassle. Bi-fold side opening containers are user-friendly and make loading and unloading faster and more convenient. With the addition of side doors, both loading and unloading are faster and more convenient. Choosing a bi-fold side opening container saves both time and money.

Access the maximum amount of space for your cargo

A bi-fold side opening container provides you with the maximum space for loading cargo. That means you can load the maximum amount of cargo, using up every inch of space. With traditional containers that only allow access from the front, you had to create an aisle way if you wanted to be able to access goods. With a bi-fold side opening container, you easily access cargo anywhere within the container with ease. That means you can load the container up completely and stop wasting valuable room.

If you require a forklift to unload your container, you’ll appreciate the access the bi-folding doors offer. With enough room to drive a fork lift inside, you can unload your cargo in record time. In fact, you could use more than one forklift to empty the container, or load it up again. In the shipping industry, time is precious and a bi-folding side opening container will help you meet deadlines and operate your business more efficiently. And with the added space, you’ll be able to ship more goods and reduce your costs. You can use all the space in the container without making it harder to access goods when you want to.

Oversized and unusually shaped goods are no problem for bi-fold side opening containers

Traditional containers may be ideally suited to lighter items with a regular shape, but if you need to ship oversized or unusually shaped article, a bi-fold side opening container is a better option. Loading these types of items through a single, regular sized door can prove tricky and requires more time and expertise. But with a bi-fold side opening container, you can access the whole space. This makes it much easier to manoeuvre and load articles that don’t have a regular shape. This allows you to save time and money loading awkward articles and allows you to ship items faster.

Once again, this cuts down on the time spent loading the container. It’s ideal for cargo that’s oversized and wouldn’t be able to fit through the standard rear access door. You won’t struggle to get your cargo loaded or unloaded when it reaches its destination. When the doors are fully open, you can access your oversized or irregular shaped cargo and unload it immediately. Even if you need to use special equipment such as fork trucks to unload, these containers give you more room to manoeuvre.

Bi-fold side opening containers offer flexible citing

With a bi-fold side opening container you don’t have to worry about placing the container with the rear access door facing outwards. You can situate it in such a way, giving you quick access to your cargo. Likewise when loading the container, you can position it is a way that makes it easier for you to load it up. With both the rear door and side doors fully open, you can access the whole space and load or unload your cargo much faster.

And when the container reaches its destination, the container can be sited in any position. That means it can be set down and unloaded without wasting time. All of the cargo can be accessed immediately, or certain items can be accessed without unloading the whole container first. Bi-fold side opening containers offer a siting flexibility that traditional containers can’t compete with. That’s what makes them a better option for industrial and commercial shippers who need to reduce the time spent loading and unloading containers down to a minimum. That makes them more cost-efficient and allows for faster turn-around times.

Reinforcement makes bi-fold side opening containers ideal for heavy loads

The full length, bi-folding doors add extra weight bearing force to the containers. So the floor and roof have to be reinforced to cope with the extra weight. As a result, the internal height of a bi-fold side opening container is slightly less than that of a traditional container. While this may be a disadvantage in some cases, it offers commercial and industrial shippers another advantage.

These reinforcements make bi-fold side opening containers ideal for transporting heavier goods. If you’re shipping any kind of heavy industrial equipment, you’ll need a container that can handle the weight of the machinery and offer you easy access to load and unload unusually shaped items. In that case, a bi-fold side opening container is far more practical than a traditional container. Even if your cargo isn’t especially heavy, the ability of bi-fold side opening containers to handle heavy loads offers extra security and protection for cargo that has a long way to travel. If you can’t afford the risk of damaged cargo, perhaps you should reconsider using a traditional container and opt for one of these instead. You’ll be able to ship heavier loads and enjoy all the other benefits that bi-fold side opening containers have to offer.