40 Ft Storage Container 

The non-negotiable for construction workers

When it comes to construction work, there’s no bigger headache than the storage of tools, raw materials and equipment. If these items aren’t stored properly, space is limited and theft will inevitably follow. It goes without saying that reliable, safe storage is a must when construction is taking place.
Many of the materials and tools in question here are items of value. It only makes sense to lock these up in a container where they will not only be kept safe from thieves, but from the elements as well.
What some don’t know about storage containers is that they are relatively easy to move. When large scale building projects are taking place, having all of your important equipment in one place is a great time saver. Large construction sites—and by the same token, multiple ones—require quick access to the same equipment and materials. Having all of these items available and at the same time moveable is a huge convenience.
Time is money when it comes to building, and every hour you save ultimately falls back into your pocket. 40ft storage containers lend considerable time and expediency to any building project—especially larger ones.

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A storage dream for small to medium businesses

Just about any business you can think about has some need for storage. Whether you need to store files, stock or equipment; having a safe & spacious place to put those items is a must. Without the option of storing your business items, you run the risk of theft, loss & disorganisation. Worst of all, you will find expansion to be a trial. Imagine trying to add a new product to your stock or opening a new store with no safe place to put any of your stock items.
A 40ft storage container is a great size for storing large quantities of goods—or fewer items that are very large. In terms of business needs, this is a no-brainer. 40ft storage containers can be hired temporarily to fulfil these needs, but investing in the purchase of one is highly recommended when you consider the versatility and longevity of such a storage unit.
From the starting up of your business right through to the expansion thereof, a large storage can be your saving grace in more ways than one. If it is something you’re considering as an investment into your business, it’s doubtlessly a long term wise decision.

Matchless storage for governmental institutions

Governmental entities and municipal institutions have a great need for large scale storage. As offered by the 40ft storage container, a need for secure transportation as well as storage of important goods is a must have. Let’s take a quick look at some examples of this. Does your industry fall into any of these categories?
Government hospitals: Hospitals have massive amounts of sensitive items. Many of these are in liquid form and should be kept in a secure location where they cannot be tainted or damaged. Others need to be kept free from moisture, while others are sensitive to light. In all of these cases, storage containers are ideal as a storage entity.
Schools: A school is run the same as any business when it comes to maintenance of sports grounds, cleaning up and general building maintenance. These requirements never go away, so a place of storage for tools, pain, lawn equipment, etc. is an obvious necessity.
Licensing departments: Testing grounds for licensing departments need to be kept in tiptop condition at all times. Specialised equipment together with various paints are usually used to maintain testing grounds for the benefit of instructors & test takers.
General government buildings: It goes without saying that any building requires regular maintenance. For this reason, tools, materials, electrical equipment and flammable products need to be kept safe and secure. A 40ft container is perfect for this.

High security shipping of large quantities

The original purpose of the 40ft storage container has always been predominantly for shipping. In this purpose it is just as reliable as it is regular storage. 40ft storage containers are built specially for the rough conditions of ocean travel. This can clearly be seen in the fact that they are waterproof, wind resistant, and rodent proof. The strength of these containers is another telltale sign of their durability and sea worthiness.
The structure of the 40ft storage container has also been designed to accommodate ship cranes as well as the forklifts typically used in the industry. The tough exterior of these containers can withstand a large amount of rough handling. But through all of this, they are exceptional at keeping their contents safe from harm. The added benefit of being able to lock these containers makes them ideal for transporting cargo in and between ships.

How to check your 40ft storage container

If you’re considering making a purchase of one of these large containers, be sure to check your investment first. There are a number of factors to look out for when buying a 40ft storage container, especially if that container is a second hand one. Use the following as your own personal checklist when buying:
Always check to make sure the handles are not rusted.
Check for rust along the sides and especially the corners. Rusted metal will eventually corrode and wear away. This may cause light, water, rodents and wind to enter the storage container.
It’s highly recommended that you purchase a storage container with a lock box . These square metal guards cover the bolt and lock of your 40ft storage container to prevent a bolt cutter from being used to break into it.
Make sure the container locks securely. Bring your own lock as a test when canvassing for containers.
During your search for a 40ft container, be sure to do some research on the supplier. A good reputation or make could cost more, but it will be worth it in the long run when quality shines through.