Month: May 2018

Shipping Containers – The Future of Farming

Shipping containers are often thought of in regards to storage, or transport, but how often do you think about using shipping containers for farming? New advancements and trials around the world  and Australia have shown that containers are suited to a new trend called vertical farming – using artificial LED lighting and usually smaller types […]

Which door is best? (For a shipping container)

While not entirely necessary for a storage container, adding an extra entry point into your container can benefit you whether you’re using your container for storage, or converting it into a site office. And while it seems simple – add in a door here please – there are a few different types of doors to […]

Australian Shipping Container Businesses

When you’re looking at starting up a new venture, one of the first things you take into consideration is the start up cost. Too high, and your new business could be doomed to fail before you’ve even had a chance. So what is one way to lower all costs and still create the fantastic plan […]

Shipping Container Accomodation Part 2 – Accessories

Last week, we started looking into shipping container accomodation, (see here) and why it’s becoming more and more commonplace to use a shipping container as the base for creating your own space. After you’ve answered the questions of; what purpose the accommodation will be used for, where location the accommodation will be and what your […]