Month: January 2018

Create the Ultimate Outdoor Space with Rural Container Sheds

When you’re trying to create the best outdoor space that you can, look no further than the Rural Container Shed. These sheds, available in so many sizes, materials and colours are fully customisable – so they will always be able to fit into the area you have convenient. But what are they? And how do […]

The Best Shipping Container Uses of 2017

The time has come to wrap up the year that was – with a compilation of the best (and most unusual ways) to use a shipping container! From a tilted trend to creating a space aged dream area, we’ve collected some of the strangest, greatest, or most unusual ways shipping containers have been used in […]

Shipping Container Offices – the complete workspace

Shipping containers revolutionised the world of shipping after being invented, and these great assets that modernised the shipping world are now going to take the business world by storm. Their most redeeming features – strength, mobility, the ability to stack and their inexpensiveness means they are the perfect bones to begin an office modification, whether […]

Different Uses for your Open Top Shipping Container

Although similar to a standard shipping container in some ways (mainly in the materials they’re made of – corrugated steel, and either a plywood or bamboo floor); there is one big difference – and it’s in the removable top of the Open Top container. This top can come in different forms – either a hard […]