Security is one of the main issues surrounding choice of container when it’s primary purpose will be storage. Because of the shipping containers’ main construction, of CorTen steel panels and cross members, their purposeful design to carry extremely heavy loads, stack on top of each other, and resist the harshest environments like tornadoes and hurricanes; […]

Have you purchased a shipping container for storage that’s no longer needed? Or do you have a container sitting empty, but don’t want to let go of your investment? Along with the usual benefits of a shipping container, like being portable, flexible, watertight, and low maintenance; shipping containers are so easily transformed into new ideas […]

CONSOLIDATION Moving is the best time to sort through your personal items and possessions and get rid of unwanted or unused things. And the best reason for this – the less you have to pack and move, the more you can save, in time and money! The best rule of thumb with downsizing is – […]

Shipping containers are beneficial in all facets of life – especially when used in business. From simple bulk storage to highly customisable workspaces, we’ve put together a comprehensive list to show you many of the reasons to use containers for your next venture. MORE BULK STORAGE With regulated boxes and pallet sizes, there are many […]

The brainchild of Malcolm McLean, a trucker who saw the need for consistent shipping sizing and reliability, the shipping container was invented and patented in 1956. The Dictionary of International Trade, by Edward Hinkelman, describes the shipping container as needing to be of permanent character and accordingly strong enough to be suitable for repeated use, […]

With recycling and sustainability, the norm these days, people are finding more innovative and inventive ways to use shipping containers after their primary use of transporting goods all around the world. We’ve collated a variety of the most unique uses for shipping containers aside from the latest trends of homes, hotels, and malls! Children’s Playgrounds […]

Not only are shipping containers perfect for building, modification, and transport – they’re becoming stars in their own right, appearing in hundreds of films and tv since their humble beginnings. We’ve compiled the best movies shipping containers have starred in lately – there is surely many more to come! War of the Worlds     […]

In recent times, Australia has fallen into a country-wide housing crisis – with ridiculous house pricing the average Australian struggles to afford. In the search and analysing of our options shipping container homes have arisen as a cheaper replacement to a traditional family home. Shipping container based homes have become the attractive and ecofriendly alternative […]

Container Shelters are a popular storage solution for outdoor equipment that can’t fit into shipping containers. Not only are they easy to install and highly durable, but they are specifically made for Australian wind ratings. Container Shelters feature a waterproof, UV Stabilised 250GSM Polyethylene fabric cover – which has a low flammability index – and […]

When you have decided on the perfect container for your needs, you need to have a location in mind for delivery. Once the site for delivery has been established and levelled if needed, the Container Trader team will help you to assess the most suitable and cost-effective mode of transport for your site. The most […]