Did you know – currently there is a great exhibition in our own backyard on the various aspects of shipping containers, and how we use them? The Australian National Maritime Museum at Darling Harbour are running “Container: The Box that Changed the World”, their first ever outdoor show which in their own words “Personalises the […]

Most people wouldn’t ordinarily realise that there is a difference between an insulated container when you intend to live in it versus when you only need to store items. The key variation lies in the life the container had before its intended purpose. Often our customers are searching for a container they would like to […]

They started off existence built from wood ‘Loose’ boxes were designed to ship coal originally back in the late 1700’s; made from wood in roughly similar sizes they transported the coal from the quarries in England via horse-drawn wagons to canal barges. By the mid-1800’s iron was starting to be used in conjunction with wood […]

One of the most commonly asked questions by customers in the shipping container industry is ‘How do I prepare my site?’ – so today we’re going to clear this up. When you make the decision to buy or hire a shipping container, you need to plan your site according to the containers – and your […]

So far, we’ve covered for you the beginning of creating a shipping container home – and the planning, preparation, research, budget, and local council rules and regulations – but where do you go from there? Quite often this is a sticking point for those designing their own home, as each home and space are different, […]

Have you ever thought of creating your own space out of a shipping container? Many of us admire those who can do it and wish we could do our own – and Container Traders are here to help with that. With the growing demand for customised containers, we’ve compiled the following steps to help you […]

With any shipping container conversion, there are some inherent characteristics that carry to all the different types of adaptations, and some that only work with specific functionalities. Each container conversion will obviously depend on the function needed from the container, and the budget limitations for the job – but what else? We’ve broken down the […]

When you’re trying to create the best outdoor space that you can, look no further than the Rural Container Shed. These sheds, available in so many sizes, materials and colours are fully customisable – so they will always be able to fit into the area you have convenient. But what are they? And how do […]

The time has come to wrap up the year that was – with a compilation of the best (and most unusual ways) to use a shipping container! From a tilted trend to creating a space aged dream area, we’ve collected some of the strangest, greatest, or most unusual ways shipping containers have been used in […]

Shipping containers revolutionised the world of shipping after being invented, and these great assets that modernised the shipping world are now going to take the business world by storm. Their most redeeming features – strength, mobility, the ability to stack and their inexpensiveness means they are the perfect bones to begin an office modification, whether […]